In this edition of our quarterly newsletter, I am pleased to share stories from our projects around the world, and to highlight NCSC’s support to the joint conference of the National Association for Court Management (NACM) and the International Association for Court Administration (IACA).

Jeffrey Apperson
Vice President,
International Programs Division
National Center for State Courts

Promoting Court Excellence

Arlington, VA: NACM – IACA Conference Promotes Court Excellence
NCSC supports first joint conference of the National Association for Court Management and the International Association for Court Administration. 

Enhancing Criminal Justice Capacity

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Training to Counter Corruption
NCSC coordinates training on prosecuting corruption in the public sector. 

Trinidad and Tobago: Promoting Trial Advocacy Skills
NCSC hosts three-day trial advocacy workshop for police prosecutors. 

Eastern Caribbean: Strengthening Case Management
NCSC conducts case management assessment of Eastern Caribbean Director of Public Prosecutions’ Offices.
Dominican Republic: Countering Money Laundering
NCSC hosts workshop on prevention, control and sanction of money-laundering and the financing of terrorism. 

Around the World

Nicaragua: Facilitating Experiential Learning
NCSC facilitates National Mock Trial Competition. 

Kosovo: Empowering Youth Leaders in Justice
NCSC organizes student debate competition on rights and justice. 

Bangladesh: Supporting Justice for All
NCSC organizes information and sensitization events in celebration of National Legal Aid Day.

Morocco: Implementing the Justice Reform Charter
NCSC facilitates workshops on institutionalizing National Center for the Criminal Record and the Observatory of the Criminal Phenomenon. 

Tunisia: Developing User-Friendly Courts
NCSC organizes training sessions on communications for court clerks. 

Juvenile Justice: Supporting Effective Change Management
NCSC conducts change management workshop for judges. 

International Visitors Education Program

Namibia: Showcasing Best Practices in Court Administration and Technology
NCSC hosts delegation from the Office of the Judiciary of Namibia. 

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