Lorri Montgomery
Director of Communications
National Center for State Courts

Gavel to Gavel provides in-depth look at state
court-related issues on November ballots

Williamsburg, VA (August 25, 2014) -- In the upcoming November elections, ballots in nine states will have 10 court-related items, ranging from mandatory retirement ages to selection methods for appellate judges to the creation of an intermediate appellate court. To help learn the potential impact each issue carries, NCSC’s Gavel to Gavel is beginning a weekly countdown today, featuring one ballot item per week through election day, November 4. 

Gavel to Gavel will examine a ballot issue, explaining its meaning, its impact on the state courts, and how it carries national significance. A listing of all the items, and the week they’ll be examined:

Date                             State & Issue

Aug. 25                         Nevada: Creation of intermediate appellate court (court of appeals)

Sept. 1                          Tennessee: Selection method for state’s appellate judges

Sept. 8                          Hawaii: Increase mandatory judicial retirement age from 70 to 80

Sept. 15                        Arkansas: Creation of salary commission to determine judicial and other salaries; removing constitutional provision prohibiting judicial salaries from being reduced during judge’s term in office

Sept. 22                        Florida: Allow governor to prospectively appoint judges to appellate courts -- when the judge’s term is about to expire -- before the vacancy occurs

Sept. 29                        Hawaii: Require names submitted to governor for selection to judicial office be released

Oct. 6                           Louisiana: Eliminate mandatory judicial retirement age

Oct. 13                         Alabama: Prohibit state courts from using international or foreign law; prohibit state courts from acknowledging court decisions from other states that reference international or foreign law

Oct. 20                         Oregon: Allow state judges to teach part time at public colleges/universities

Oct. 27                         New Mexico: Allows legislature to set deadline for judges to file paperwork seeking reelection

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