Lorri Montgomery
Director of Communications
National Center for State Courts

Retired Indiana Supreme Court Executive Director receives national award

Williamsburg, Va. (January 23, 2017) – Retired Indiana Executive Director Lilia Judson has been named recipient of the 2016 Warren E. Burger Award for Excellence in Court Administration, one of the highest awards bestowed by the National Center for State Courts. Named for the late Chief Justice of the United States, the Burger Award honors a state court administrative official who demonstrates professional skill, leadership, integrity, creativity, innovativeness, and exceptional judgment.

“Lilia Judson has served as a national role model for court leaders across the country, always introducing and supporting innovations that make our courts more effective and accessible. She led the charge on electronic filing of court records in Indiana and has dedicated her professional life to improving the administration of justice,” said NCSC President Mary McQueen.

Judson, who retired in September 2016, was appointed executive director in 1998, after serving in several capacities for the Indiana Supreme Court and the Indiana Judicial Study Commission since 1976. In May 2015, the Indiana Supreme Court named Judson the interim chief administrative officer, where she helped the court move to a more efficient and transparent internal organizational structure.

Judson served as president of the Conference of State Court Administrators and as vice chair of the National Center for State Courts Board of Directors in 2010-2011.

Among her many achievements, Judson built a national reputation for her work in court technology and helping the Indiana courts implement electronic filing.  She also developed a case numbering system for all trial courts in Indiana. Judson earned a bachelor’s degree in political science and a juris doctorate from Indiana University.

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