Lorri Montgomery
Director of Communications
National Center for State Courts


Grantmaking foundation executive inducted into Warren E. Burger Society

Williamsburg, Va., Nov. 14, 2018 — Mary E. McClymont, the long-time president and CEO of the Public Welfare Foundation, is being inducted into the National Center for State Courts’ Warren E. Burger Society.

The Burger Society honors individuals who have used their time, talent, and support to the National Center for State Courts in exceptional ways. It is named for the former chief justice of the United States who helped found NCSC in 1971. The induction ceremony takes place Nov. 15 in Washington, D.C.

McClymont, who now works as an adjunct professor and senior fellow at Georgetown University Law Center’s Justice Lab, recently retired from the Public Welfare Foundation, a national private grantmaking foundation that works to advance justice and opportunity for people in need. Her career has been marked by a fierce advocacy for the rights of all people, particularly the most vulnerable among us.  

She has worked tirelessly to strengthen collaboration within the civil and criminal justice systems to address social injustice and has championed philanthropic contributions to address civil and criminal justice system reforms. Of particular note has been her avid support of the work of the Conference of Chief Justices, the Conference of State Court Administrators, and NCSC to ensure meaningful access to civil justice for all and pretrial release standards based on risk assessment rather than ability to pay.

Before she worked at the Public Welfare Foundation, she served as executive director of Global Rights, an international human rights organization, and as president and CEO of InterAction, the largest alliance of U.S.-based international development and humanitarian non-governmental organizations. She also held senior positions at the Ford Foundation, including as vice president of the Peace and Social Justice Program. 

The National Center for State Courts, headquartered in Williamsburg, Va., is a nonprofit court organization dedicated to improving the administration of justice by providing leadership and service to the state courts. Founded in 1971 by the Conference of Chief Justices and Chief Justice of the United States Warren E. Burger, NCSC provides education, training, technology, management, and research services to the nation’s state courts.



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