NCSC Secondary Colors - PMS 575 / PMS 471


A palette of complementary colors referred to as "Secondary," has been developed to add diversity while building consistency among all forms of National Center for State Courts medias. Each of these Pantone® Matching System (PMS) colors may be used as accent color in backgrounds and duotone builds. They are not recommended for headlines.

These colors have been carefully selected and should not be substituted.

PMS 575 PMS 471
Process Coated build Process Coated build
C=57 C=5
M=11 M=70
Y=85 Y=97
K=45 K=20
RGB Coated build RGB Coated build
R=85 R=178
G=118 G=84
B=48 B=26
Process Uncoated build Process Uncoated build
C=48 C=5
M=10 M=50
Y=90 Y=88
K=30 K=13
RGB Uncoated build RGB Uncoated build
R=103 R=190
G=125 G=120
B=80 B=84