Courthouse Violence in 2010-2012: Lessons Learned


NCSC's Court Consulting Services security team now offers training for judges and court staff to prepare for Shooter-in-Place and Hostage-Taking scenarios in conjunction with a court's first responders. Contact Timm Fautsko for more information.   

Through a grant from the State Justice Institute, representatives from six courthouses – judges, law enforcement officers, and court administrators – met August 22-23, 2013, at NCSC's Court Consulting Services Division office in Denver, Colo., to discuss recent shootings and stabbings in their courthouses. 

The chief judge of each of these courthouses was asked to send representatives to the meeting with an appropriate level of responsibility for and involvement in handling the incidents.  The representatives met to share their collective experiences, having all endured these tragic events. In essence, they convened to identify lessons learned. 

Most importantly, the group convened to offer their hard-earned advice to their counterparts in courthouses throughout the country.  Their observations and guidance are collected in this publication: Courthouse Violence in 2010-2012 - Lessons Learned


The  video "Run -- Hide -- Fight" developed by the Houston's Mayor's Office of Homeland Security suggests what to do if you are caught in a shooting in an office building, courthouse, theater, mall or other public space. Being prepared and having a plan in mind for your well-being and the security of others is the first step to personal safety.

Please be warned that the film clip contains staged violence to make its point, and can be disturbing.