Express Lessons

Monday, May 18, 2015

1:15pm - 5:00pm

Training/Development Series

Express Lessons

 Training Plans for Developing Interpreters

Carmen Castro Rojas (CA)

 Developing Continuing Education for Court Interpreters/  Translators

Sandra Barrios (ID)

 Preparing Interpreters for Oral Proficiency Exams

Carla Farrell (OR)
Kelly Mills (OR)

 Bilingual Employee Training Program

Paula Couselo (NM)

Management Series

Express Lessons

 Why Candidates Fail

Osvaldo Aviles (PA)

 Using VRI for Courtroom and Customer Service Counters

Carol Mitchell (AZ)
Yvette Tamamoto (OR)

 Working with Contract Interpreters

Charlene Watkins (VA)
Brenda Carasquillo (NJ)

 Coordinating/ Contracting with Exam Raters: how to do it.

Brooke Crozier (NC)
Kimberly Brooke (NCSC)