Executive summaries of the papers from Symposia I. II and III


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Executive summaries from past Symposia

Symposium I

September 13-17, 1981, San Diego, CA

THEME I: The impact of the rapidly changing nature of our society on the courts

THEME II: The effectiveness of court managers in judicial systems

THEME III: The means to develop productive relationships between court managers and judges

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Symposium II

September 9-13, 1990, Phoenix, AZ

THEME I:  The development of the profession of court management: What is it? Where did it come from? Where is it now? Where is it going

THEME II: The changing roles and relationships of judicial branch leaders (judges and administrators/managers) in court system administration and ways to develop productive working relationships between those leaders

THEME III: The identification, preparation, selection, education, and succession of judicial branch leaders (judges and administrators/managers) and improving their effectiveness within judicial systems

THEME IV:  Public responsibility for judicial system support and the accountability of judicial branch leaders (judges and administrators/mangers) to the public for their stewardship of the court system

THEME V:  First prize papers from the open competition

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Symposium III

THEME I:  Public expectations

THEME II: The role of the courts

THEME III:  Accountability for performance

THEME IV:  Technology

THEME V:  Court leaders: Survivors or agents of change?

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