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Turning Point Court

 In Alabama's Turning Point Court, volunteers spend hours representing a deserving person who is currently suffering from homelessness.



The Maricopa County’s Superior Court’s website is the primary resource for homeless court information in the Phoenix area.

Pima County,Tucson

The city of Tucson’s main web page provides information on Tucson’s Homeless Court Program. The information includes the program’s target audience, court dates, and appropriate contact information.

Maricopa County

The Maricopa County Superior Court’s website provides detailed information on Maricopa County’s Regional Homeless Court, including the court’s goals, process, and parameters for service.


Complete List of California Homeless Court

This website provides a full list of Homeless Courts in California

Alameda County

Alameda County Superior Court’s website provides general details on its Homeless and Caring Court. The website also provides a phone number leading to more resources on the matter.


The Greater Bakersfield Legal Assistance, Inc. provides basic information on the Community Homeless Law Center Project and how its legal services can assist homeless clients.

Fresno County

The Fresno County Superior Court website provides basic information on its Homeless Court proceedings and requirements to participate in the specialty court.

Kern County

The Kern County Mental Health Department has developed a specialized division, the Kern Linkage Program, which serves homeless adults who have chronic and persistent mental illness. The KCMH Kern Linkage Program website provides details on its case management program, including participation requirements and procedure steps. It is important to note that Bakersfield is a city located in Kern County.

Los Angeles

Public Counsel, the largest pro bono law firm in California and the nation, provides brief information on the Homeless Court Program of Los Angeles, including what the court addresses in regards to charges. Though Public Counsel no longer handles the Homeless Court Program, it directs attention to the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office, which does handle the Homeless Court Program. Appropriate contact information is posted for additional inquiry (LA City Attorney’s Office).

Orange County 

The Orange County Superior Court’s website briefly describes the Homeless Outreach Court and its goals.


The Sacramento Superior Court’s website provides detailed information on its homeless court program, Loaves and Fishes Court. The featured information includes requirements for court access and offenses addressed.

The Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office also addresses the Loaves and Fishes Court, providing contact information for further inquiry .

San Bernardino

The city of San Bernardino published its official report on the Homelessness Intervention Action Plan in 2013. The report includes a suggestion to create an overall “vagrancy court.” Although the city initially suggests creating a singular court to deal with vagrancy issues, it later wants to sustain a separate Mental Health Court, an Adult Drug Court, and a Homeless Court.

San Diego 

The homepage for the Homeless Court Program of San Diego provides very detailed information on the court’s core elements, offenses addressed, the progressive plea system implemented, alternative sentencing procedure, and the ‘no-custody guarantee.’ The website also lists state and local agencies that assist with the program, FAQs, and contact information.

San Joaquin

The San Joaquin Superior Court’s website briefly outlines details about the county’s Homeless Court, including what offenses are addressed, alternative sentencing, how to sign up, and contact information for further inquiry.

Santa Clara

The Family Justice Center Courthouse handles most of Santa Clara County’s drug treatment cases as well as the Mental Health and Veterans treatment calendars. ‘Homeless Court’ proceedings would naturally overlap with the above categories. The listed link directs to the Courthouse’s homepage. More information on the subject may be accessed through the contact listings.

Santa Maria

The Santa Barbara Superior Court’s website gives little to no direction for information on specialized homeless court programs, but related cases regarding mental health, veterans, etc. are certainly addressed at the Santa Maria location. It is of note that Santa Maria is a city located in Santa Barbara County.

Sonoma County

The Sonoma County Task Force for the Homeless website provides detailed information on Sonoma County’s Homeless Court, including its goals, access requirements, important dates, contact listing, and other resources relating to the program.

Ventura County

The Ventura Superior Court website provides a brief overview of the Homeless Court’s work and its benefits. Online brochures are listed for additional information along with contact details of partnered agencies.

Humboldt County 

The California Association of Collaborative Courts website provides very brief information on Humboldt County’s Homeless Court. The link provided leads to the North Coast Resource Center homepage which is supposed to provide further detail about the procedures of Humboldt’s Homeless Court, but the center is temporarily closed for an indefinite period of time.

Contra Costa

The Contra Costa Health Services Department’s website provides information on the county’s Community Homeless Court. The website also details the eligibility for one to receive access to the Community Homeless Court.



As described in this article, Denver's Homeless outreach court provides a familiar and comfortable environment. This increases the likelihood that the homeless, who frequently miss their court cases, will make it to court.



The Department of the Prosecuting Attorney's website provides information on Oahu's Community Outreach Court, including its history, offenses addressed, proceedings, and its goals for the community. 



This website provides information on an alternative court session designed to resolve misdemeanor offenses, non-violent offenses, and outstanding warrants for homeless individuals who have shown a strong commitment to recovery and stability.


Ann Arbor

The 15th District Court’s website provides information on the Washtenaw County Street Outreach Court and contact information for specialized representatives.



The City of Springfield’s website provides information on the goals, history, and success of the city’s Homeless Court. Judicial contact information is given for further inquiry and details.

St. Joseph

As described in this article, St. Joseph's Homeless court is a new court program developed with the help of local law enforcement officials and social service agency officials.

New Mexico

Bernalillo County, Albuquerque

The Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court’s website provides information on its Probation Division and its standard supervision and specialty court programs.The website also gives a brief description on the conditions that must be met for one to access Outreach Court, the homeless court in Bernalillo County.

South Carolina


The Supreme Court of South Carolina issued an Order in 2014 creating the Columbia Homeless Court Program. 


The Supreme Court of South Carolina issued an Order in 2016 creating the City of Charleston Homeless Court Program.

Myrtle Beach  

The Supreme Court of South Carolina issued an Order in 2018 creating the Myrtle Beach Homeless Court Program.



The Coalition for the Homeless website provides detailed information on Houston’s Homeless Court, including the charges it deals with, the alternative sentencing structure, the ‘No-Custody’ rule, and other key distinctions between the Homeless Court and traditional court.


Salt Lake City

The Homeless Outreach Service Team of Salt Lake City, a non-profit organization, provides helpful information on homeless programs. The organization also provides contact information to agencies such as the VOA Homeless Outreach Program and VOA Cornerstone Counseling Center. The Homeless Outreach Service Team’s goal is to connect homeless persons with social services through partnership with the police, local legal system, and homeless service providers.



Clark County’s District Court website provides information on the county’s Therapeutic Specialty Court programs, including the Substance Abuse Court, Veterans Court, and Mental Health Court. The District Court website also lists additional information brochures along with local statistics on the matter.