Problem-Solving Courts

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Anchorage Coordinated Resources Project (ACRP). ACRP serves as Anchorage's mental health court. (misdemeanors)

Anchorage Wellness Felony Drug Court

Anchorage Felony DUI Therapeutic Court

Anchorage Wellness Courts (misdemeanors)

Bethel Therapeutic Court (felonies and misdemeanors)

Juneau Therapeutic Court (felonies and misdemeanors)

Ketchikan Therapeutic Court (felonies and misdemeanors)

Palmer Coordinated Resources Project (PCRP). PCRP serves as Palmer County's mental health court. (misdemeanors)



Arkansas Judiciary Drug Court Programs.   Provides contact information and links to the 39 drug court programs throughout AR.

The Arkansas Department of Community Correction.  Provides Specialty Court Grant Application documents.


California Drug Court Project

California Association of Collaborative Courts (formerly the California Association of Drug Court Professionals). An association dedicated to assisting Collaborative Court professionals in California, including Drug Court professionals. CACC collaborates with the Judicial Council in administering funding to drug courts. It is the primary source of drug court program funding, and provides training courses for drug court professionals.

Sacramento Drug Court

Yolo County Drug Court


Colorado Judicial Branch: Problem Solving Courts.  Provides locations of adult drug courts, juvenile drug courts, and DUI courts located throughout CO.

Colorado Drug Courts Study.  2008 Study prepared in response to a Joint Budget Committee request for information on all of Colorado's problem solving courts, including: adult drug courts; DUI courts; juvenile drug courts; family/dependency and neglect courts; and mental health courts.


Connecticut's Drug Courts.  Office of Legislative Research, 2016 Report.  There are currently two drug courts operating in CT: in Danielson and New Haven.

Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services.  CT's Jail Diversion Substance Abuse Program provides jail diversion options for adults in the Hartford courts with substance dependence.


Overview of the Delaware Drug Court. 

Background Information on the Delaware Drug Court.

Superior Court of Delaware Drug Court Program.


Florida Drug Courts.  Provides the history of Florida and drug courts (the first drug court in the US was created in 1989 in Miami-Dade County) and provides contact information for the 95 drug courts currently in operation throughout FL.

OPPAGA 2014 Report.  FL's Office of Program Policy Analysis & Government Accountability released an outcome and cost study entitled: Expansion Drug Courts Can Produce Positive Outcomes Through Prison Diversion and Reduced Recidivism.

Adult Drug Court Evaluation.  2013 Report on FL's adult felony drug courts.


Council of Accountability Court Judges of Georgia.  Established in 2015 by the GA Legislature to improve accountability courts and their quality through the expertise of Judges.

Link to DUI Court Websites in Georgia.  Published by the Council of Accountability Court Judges of Georgia.

Standards for Georgia Accountability Courts.  Revised in 2016 by the Council of Accountability Court Judges of Georgia.


Idaho's Problem Solving Courts Coordinators & Committee.  Provides contact information for drug courts and their coordinators located throughout Idaho.

Idaho's Problem Solving Court Guidelines.  Provides links to Adult and Juvenile Drug Court Guidelines.


Drug Court Locations and Contact Information.  Provided by the Illinois Center of Excellence for Behavioral Health and Justice. 

Uniform Standards, Certification and Application Forms.  The Illinois Association of Problem-Solving Courts provides these forms, approved by the IL Supreme Court in November, 2015.  All Problem Solving Courts in IL will have to be certified by the IL Supreme Court by 1/1/17.


Problem-Solving Courts.  Indiana Judicial Center provides contact information for Drug Courts located throughout IN, as well as Problem-Solving Court Rules, Practice Guidelines and Certification Applications.

Evaluation of 5 Indiana Adult Drug Courts.  2007 process, outcome, and cost studies of 5 adult drug courts in IN.


Final Report on the Polk County Adult Drug Court ONDCP, Drug Policy Information Clearinghouse, State of Iowa Profile of Drug Indicators (Washington, DC: ONDCP, 2002).




Supreme Court Drug Court Office.  Administers 50 drug court programs located throughout Louisiana.


Adult Drug Treatment Courts.  Provides links to the Drug Courts located throughout Maine.


Drug Treatment Courts of Maryland.  Office of Problem Solving Courts provides contact information and annual reports for all drug courts located throughout MD.


Massachusetts Drug Courts.  Provides locations of all adult and juvenile drug courts located throughout MA.

Massachusetts Drug Courts: Facts and Statistics.  


Michigan Drug Court Program.  Provides contact information for drug courts located throughout MI, including Adult Drug Treatment Courts, DWI Courts, and Juvenile Drug Treatment Courts.  Also provides information on MI's Drug Court Case Management Information System which tracks client-level data and produces summary information for program evaluation.


Minnesota Judicial Branch.  Provides links to operational drug courts located throughout MN, including Adult Drug Courts, Multi-County Adult Drug Courts, Juvenile Drug Courts, and DWI Courts.


Mississippi Drug Courts. Mississippi Judiciary provides contact information for drug courts located throughout MS, drug court legislation, evaluation, and reports.


Specialized courts: juvenile and family; drug; mental health; teen; truancy.

Drug court publications: manuals and handbooks


New Hampshire

Nashua District Court Juvenile Drug Court (see State of New Hampshire Judicial Branch. Working Together for Justice: Annual Report 2002. Concord, NH: Judicial Branch, 2002, p. 6) .

New Jersey

Summary of New Jersey drug court programs; includes the Drug Court Manual.

New Mexico

New Mexico's Problem Solving Courts website.

New York

List of New York drug courts

Overview of New York drug courts      

Drug Court Initiative's 2004 Annual Report 

North Carolina

North Carolina Drug Treatment Courts

North Dakota

“Happy Birthday Drug Court!” (January 6, 2004 press release).

Juvenile Drug Court Committee. Juvenile Drug Court Manual. Fargo, ND: Committee, rev'd 2003.

“South Central Drug Court Celebrates Second Birthday.” (December 31, 2002 press release).  

Juvenile Drug Court Advisory Committee     

State of North Dakota Profile of Drug Indicators


Akron Drug Court

Butler County Drug Court site includes purpose and definition of a drug court; eligibility; and contact information.

Hamilton County Drug Court Outcome Evaluation Findings. The county's drug court page is under construction but provides contact information.

Huron County Juvenile Intervention Court.

Summit County Court of Common Pleas The Turning Point Program. Site outlines purpose, eligibility, and case processing steps.


Adult Drug Court. Includes an explanation of drug courts, data on their success, resources related to drug courts, a list of events and training opportunities, and drug court contact information.


Lane County Circuit Court Drug Court . Site includes overview and alumni association.  

Yamhill County Juvenile Drug Court

Rhode Island

Providence, Rhode Island Profile of Drug Indicators

South Carolina

Greenville County Drug Court.


Blount County Drug Court

Davidson County Drug Court (Nashville)


Harris County District Court Drug Court. Site includes eligibility, contact information, Success  Through Addiction Recovery (STAR) program details, contract attorney job description, links to presentations.


List of Utah drug courts


Pilot Project for Drug Court Initiative Committees. Report to General Assembly on Pilot Project for Drug Court Initiative Committees. Montpelier: Committees, January 2007.


Cheesman, F. L. et al. Virginia Adult Drug Treatment Courts: Cost Benefit Analysis (2012). 

The Transactional and Institutional Cost Analysis (TICA) approach shows that, on average, Virginia’s Drug Courts save $19,234 per person as compared to traditional case processing.

Cheesman, F. L. et al Virginia Adult Drug Treatment Courts: Impact Study (2012). 

This report summarizes evaluation findings with respect to several primary issues, such as post-program recidivism, within-program outcomes, and drug treatment court performance measures.

Drug Treatment Courts.  Virginia's Judicial System.  Provides a directory, statutory authorization, models and standards, and resources and reference materials.


King County Drug Diversion Court Program

Snohomish County Superior Court Choosing Healthy Alternatives: Recovery and Treatment (CHART) drug court treatment program.

Spokane County Adult Felony Drug Court

Thurston County Drug Court Program

Yakima County Drug Court Program

West Virginia

Cabell County Juvenile Drug Court reopened in 2007.  The Adult Drug Court opened in 2009.