Innovations by Stage - Case Assignment & Scheduling

What's in this guide?

Summarized results of the 2015 survey and the innovations being put into place by many appellate courts.  

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Early Case Assignment/Scheduling:  

Courts of Last Resort
  • Maryland Court of Appeals: Pending cases are assigned a month for oral argument at the time certiorari is granted.  If there appears to be a backlog of any kind, the Court increases the amount of cases it hears for the month.
  • North Carolina Supreme Court: This court schedules cases for a calendar shortly after they are appealed or the petitions are allowed.   Attorneys are informed of the setting.   From that oral argument date, the court schedule back a month bto have all the documents filed, 45 days before oral argument to receive the appellee brief, 30 days prior to that to have the appellant brief, etc.
Intermediate Appellate Courts
  • Louisiana Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal: Case assignments and scheduling of oral arguments are made as soon as the appellant's brief is filed and requests to delay the argument are seldom granted. 
  • Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals:  Our Court assigns cases the day after the filing of the appellee's brief.