Other Appellate Court Innovations

What's in this guide?

Summarized results of the 2015 survey and the innovations being put into place by many appellate courts.  

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For more information about the Appellate Innovations Survey, please email John Doerner.

Video-conferencing for Appellate Arguments:  

  • Kansas Court of Appeals:  This court is testing a system to conduct hearings by video-conference using Fuze software.
  • Colorado Court of Appeals:  This court is conducting a pilot of videoconferencing for oral argument.  

Appellate Performance Measures:  

A number of appellate courts have established explicit performance standards with respect to the time to disposition and regularly measure and may publicize the results. 

These appellate courts include:

  • Arizona Supreme Court and Court of Appeals (all divisions): The Arizona appellate courts established specific ‘time reference points’ for time to disposition in their various case types, based upon the Appellate CourTools model developed by the NCSC which includes a variety of performance measures.  Annually, the Arizona courts measure their actual performance relative to the time reference points.  Read the information about the time reference points and how the measurements are taken.
  • Kansas Court of Appeals:  Performance measures are used internally to help the court monitor whether cases are being disposed of in a timely manner.
  • Montana Supreme Court: The Montana Supreme Court reported that they have implemented performance measurement along with active management of case assignments and a renewed emphasis on prompt opinions.  The Court measures and reports its actual performance on a quarterly basis.