Dependency Courts

State Links


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Florida's Dependency Benchbook (2012) . Florida Office of the State Court Administrator, Office of Court Improvement.


Council of Juvenile Court Judges of Georgia Benchbook (2005) . Council of Juvenile Court Judges of Georgia.


Child Protective Proceedings Benchbook (2013) . Michigan Judicial Institute.

Adoption Proceedings Benchbook (2013) . Michigan Judicial Institute.


Minnesota Judges Juvenile Protection Benchbook (2004) . Minnesota State Court Administrator's Office, Court Services Division.

New Jersey

New Mexico

Child Welfare Handbook (2011) . Institute of Public Law, University of New Mexico School of Law.


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Pennsylvania Dependency benchbook resource companion.” Office of Children and Families in the Courts, Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts.  2011.


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West Virginia

West Virginia Judicial Benchbook for Child Abuse and Neglect Proceedings. (Revised January 2012) . West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals, West Virginia Court Improvement Program Oversight Board.