Dependency Courts

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California 2007 Foster Youth Education Summit.  

California Foster Care Education Law Fact Sheets.


Every Child, Every Hearing: How to ensure the daily well-being of children in foster care by enforcing their rights

This checklist provides questions to ask at every hearing to ensure that every child’s rights are enforced.


Educational Needs Checklist. This checklist covers subject areas including general education information, performance level, tracking education information, change in placement/school, health factors, special education, extracurricular activities and talents, and transitioning plans.


Education of Children in Foster Care . Iowa Department of Education.  This site includes numerous resources on efforts in Iowa to improve the educational outcomes for children in foster care.

New York



Powers, Patricia and Janet F. Stotland. Lost in the Shuffle: The Education Law Center’s Report on the Education of Foster Children in Pennsylvania.  Philadelphia, PA: The Education Law Center (2002).


TeamChild’s Education Advocacy Project’s Washington State Education Advocacy Manual (rev. Jan. 2008) .

This manual is resource for education advocates for at-risk children, including foster children. Included are chapters covering basic education rights, special education law, discipline, and resources for young people transitioning to adulthood. Also included is an extensive resource guide with links to Washington State and federal education law.