Federal Court: Official Court Reporter

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United States District Court, District of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona

Summary/Duties: An official court reporter is responsible for the verbatim recording of proceedings of United States district judges and magistrate judges. Official court reporters are employees of the clerk of court and are assigned to meet the verbatim reporting needs of district court judges, magistrate judges, and visiting judges.

Minimum Qualifications : The Court Reporter must have at least four years of prime court reporting experience in the freelance field of service or in other courts or a combination of the two. The successful applicant must also have qualified by testing for listing on the registry of professional reporters of the national Court Reporters Association (NCRA). Preference may be given to applicants who possess a Realtime Certification from NCRA or USCRA, possess a Certificate of Merit from the National Shorthand Reporters Association, and/or possess software and hardware used to produce real-time transcripts in the courtroom.

Salary : $74,114-$85,231 (2015)


United States District Court, Northern District of California, San Francisco, California

Summary/ Duties: The Official Court Reporter is responsible for verbatim reporting of proceedings held before the United States District Judges and Magistrate Judges and for the transcription of those proceedings on requests. The Court Reporters must be able to read back all or any portions of the court record, perform well under pressure, produce transcripts within strict time limitations, and work as part of a team of reporters for the Judges of the Court. They must also possess the knowledge, skill, and ability to produce accurate, simultaneous realtime translation utilizing computer-aided translation programs, and create audio recordings (in addition to shorthand notes) of pleas, arraignments and proceedings in connection with the imposition of sentencing. Reporters must also have the ability to transcript digital audio records. This position also requires the timely submission of shorthand notes, audio recordings, transcripts, reports and other documents required by statute, the Guide to Judiciary Policy and local policy/procedure. This requires Court Reporters to be familiar with and adhere to all requires for the Court Reporter management Plan for the District and the Guide to Judicial Policy. The Court Reporters must comply with all administrative duties assigned by his or her supervisor and the court. Court Reporters may occasionally travel to the courthouses in Oakland, San Jose, and Eureka.

Duties: Coordinate and respond to judges, judicial staff, and public’s court reporter and interpreter services requests. Schedule staff, contract court reports, and interpreters to ensure the court’s needs are met. Process and pay contract court reporters and interpreters for services rendered. Receive and process transcript requests in all civil and criminal cases. Update the court reporter and interpreter’s scheduling database, internal and external rosters. Answer inquiries regarding court reporter and interpreter services.

Minimum Qualifications : Candidates must possess at least four years of court reporting experience as a freelance reporter or as a court reporter, or combination thereof, and must have passed the Registered Professional reporter (RPR) Examination administered by the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) or passed and equivalent qualifying examination such as the Certified Shorthand Reporter (CSR) Examination administered by the Court Reporters Board of California. The candidate must have passed a Certified Realtime Reporter (CRR) Examination administered by NCRA, USCRA, or DRA.

Salary : $97,480- $101,911 (2015)