Victim Services

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Superior Court of New Jersey, Probation Division, Juvenile Unit. Atlantic City, NJ

Summary: Under direction, assists in teaching and facilitating the Victim Impact Program to juvenile participants and forming liaisons with victim advocacy groups to facilitate victim participation.

Duties: Responsibilities of this position include identifying, recruiting, and screening victim speakers; compiling, analyzing and preparing program statistics; setting up and monitoring community service sites. Perform related duties as required.

Qualifications: Completion of 64 semester credit hours from an accredited college or university, including credits in social and/or behavior sciences. Strong communication and networking skills as well as the ability to work with juvenile delinquents adjudicated for a multitude of offenses .Experience in the social service field, working with juveniles and knowledge of local community resources is helpful.

Salary: $20.80/hr


Crime Victims Compensation Program, District of Columbia Courts, 515 5th Street, NW, Washington, D.C.

Duties: The Crime Victims Compensation Program assists innocent victims of violent crime and survivors of homicide victims with crime-related expenses. Incumbent examines claims, investigates cases, determines eligibility, calculates and recommends compensation awards or denials, documents claims and awards, assists victims in filing application for claims, and monitors case follow-up.

Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in social work, criminal justice, public administration or a related degree, plus two (2) years of experience in legal, court or social service administration. Equivalent combinations of relevant education and experience may be substituted. Please submit a copy of your most recent performance evaluation, if available, with your application.

Salary: $52,979 - $68,875


City of Scottsdale, AZ

Summary: Performs highly interactive and assistance duties directly working with victims, in the case management and service referral functions.

Duties: Serves as a liaison between victims and Prosecution and Court staffs. Accompanies victims to court proceedings and informs victims about their constitutional and statutory mandated victim’s rights. Assists victims in securing Orders of Protection and Injunctions Against Harassment. Assesses victim needs and acts as a resource for community service referrals. Engages in follow-up contact with domestic violence victims after case disposition. Communicates in the exchange of information by completing thorough case documentation in both Victim Services and Prosecution files using both a paper-based and computer automated case management system. Maintains statistical records on victims served and services provided; submits monthly statistical reports. Works with the Prosecution Division attorneys and staff to improve services to victims. Investigates and resolves complaints regarding advocate and attorney responsibilities. Recommends policies and procedure revisions as deemed necessary to improve the integrated work environment. Assists in the recruitment, selection and training of volunteer staff in the Victim Services Division. Provides in-service training and exposure to various criminal justice and victim-related matters. Encourages involvement and interest in victim-related training and awareness campaigns. Facilitates community outreach activities. Performs other duties as assigned.

Qualifications: A Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, Social Services or related field and one year experience in case management, counseling or related field from which comparable knowledge was gained.


Victim Assistance Center, Sonoma County, CA

Summary: The Victim Assistance Center is dedicated to upholding the rights of victims of crime and strives for the empowerment and recovery of victims emotionally, physically, and financially. The Victim Assistance Center staff delivers services to crime victims with dignity, compassion, and respect.

Duties: Call all victims who were sent outreach letters to follow-up on the need for victim services and refer victims to an Advocate if service is requested. Assist program advocates with filling out Victim Compensation claim applications and requesting crime reports from various law enforcement agencies. Complete the Victim Compensation forms for CPS referrals. Assist with translations for non-English speaking victims. Assist with completing statistical data sheets to track services provided by the agency. Assist with data entry, filing and other duties.

Qualifications: Must be willing to submit to fingerprinting and background check. Should have strong interpersonal communication skills, both verbal and written. Must be able to deal with emotional aspects of working with victims of crime. Spanish-speaking volunteers are desired.


Council on Crime and Justice, Minneapolis, MN

Duties: The Crime Victim Advocate is responsible for providing direct support, advocacy and short-term crisis counseling to crime victims. Responsibilities also include general support for General Crime Victim Services which may include on-going volunteer staff scheduling, volunteer coordination, newsletter preparation and community outreach. The Advocate will also organize the involvement of crime victims’ in the public education and advocacy work of the Council.

Qualifications: BS/BA Degree in Criminal Justice, Social Work or related field, or a combination of education and experience providing equivalent knowledge. At least 1 year working as an advocate with crime victims. Compassion for those harmed by crime and a passion to advocate for the rights/needs of crime victims. Basic knowledge of processes of the criminal justice system and Minnesota ’s Victim Rights Statutes. Commitment to work with a holistic approach to crime prevention--integrate the needs and rights crime victims, offenders, and the community. Strong written and verbal communication skills. Able to set aside personal bias, prejudice and fears to effectively communicate with and respond to a diverse population of victims, prosecutors and service providers. Proficient in Microsoft Office applications. Ability to recognize and maintain confidentiality in all aspects of position. Skill in multi-cultural outreach. Multi-lingual proficiency preferred but not required.

Salary: $29,000 - $33,500


Los Angeles County D.A.’s Office

Summary: This position reports to a Supervising Victim Services Representative and is responsible for assisting victims of crime and witnesses in obtaining various services and reimbursement for financial losses resulting from crimes under the Victim-Witness Assistance Program. The incumbent is also responsible for encouraging victim and witness participation in the prosecution of such crimes.

Duties: Interviews and investigates victims and witnesses to obtain necessary personal and financial information in order to evaluate eligibility for benefits and services in accordance with state laws, regulations, policies, and procedures (e.g., obtains data on the crime, income or wage loss suffered by the victim, public assistance and insurance benefits received, and medical treatment costs). Selects and interviews eligible applicants (victims and witnesses) to assess the kind of assistance required; provides necessary and emergency intervention services or arranges for the provision of services by other agencies; and provides follow-up services to ensure needs are being met and crime related problems are resolved (e.g., arranges transportation of victims and witnesses to court, shelters, and other agencies and assists victims in filing restraining orders and arranging witness protection and funerals). Documents case activity in either the departmental or state-run computer database: maintains case logs, prepares case summaries or reports, and completes statistical reports as needed. Prepares correspondence to victims and agencies regarding case status. Assists victims and their families in completing and submitting claims forms for victim services and benefits (e.g., reimbursement for relocation, medical and dental expenses, lost income or wages, funeral costs, and job rehabilitation). Acts as liaison between victims or witnesses and deputy district attorneys or law enforcement (e.g., probation and parole officers) and provides court support (e.g., explains court procedures, criminal justice system, and case status). Conducts field visits to complete victims of crime applications or for emergency allocations. Conducts presentations for community groups, schools, and public service agencies on the services offered by the Victim-Witness Assistance Program; conducts trainings for law enforcement and Departmental personnel; and participates in community events and fairs. Assists in training other victim services representatives. Acts as the on-site supervisor (trains, plans, directs, and evaluates the work) of student workers, interns, and volunteers, as needed. Counsels and encourages victims and witnesses to develop a positive attitude and an understanding of the importance of their cooperation with law enforcement agencies. Contacts family members and employers of victims or witnesses to enlist their assistance and cooperation in resolving problems resulting from events related to a crime.

Qualifications: OPTION I: One year's paid or unpaid experience in a criminal justice agency working on programs designed to assist victims of crime -OR- OPTION II: Two years' experience in a public or private community services agency interviewing clients to obtain personal information, advising clients of programs and services, and assisting clients in preparing applications for services -OR- OPTION IIICompletion of 60 semester units (90 quarter units) in an accredited college with course work in social sciences, law enforcement, or a related human service field.

Salary: $2,327.00 - $2,885.00 monthly


State Attorney’s Office, Champaign, IL

Summary: Performs administrative and professional counseling functions for the Adult Diversion and Victim-Witness Programs.

Duties: Responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Adult Diversion and Victim-Witness Programs and reports directly to the State's Attorney regarding the program's progress. With advice and approval of the State's Attorney, formulates and implements procedures and recommends policies designed to enhance the effectiveness of the program and to further the goals, policies and initiatives of the State's Attorney. Provides alternatives to prosecution for eligible offenders and provides counseling and support services to child victims of sexual and physical abuse cases being prosecuted by the State's Attorney's Office. Conducts preliminary interviews with individuals referred to the Adult Diversion Program, providing goals and requirements of the program and completes questionnaires and forms. Uses professional expertise to evaluate the individual's eligibility, potential for successful program completion or recidivism. Identifies personal, emotional, social and financial problems which contribute to the unlawful behavior and provides counseling when applicable. Refers clients to other appropriate community agencies for job training, schooling, financial assistance and medical or psychiatric treatment when indicated. Monitors participant's restitution efforts and/or community service activities which have been established to remunerate crime victims and to repay community time which has been directed toward the individual's case. Performs formal tracking and follow-up on each participant, counsels victims regarding the benefits of the Adult Diversion Program, ensures that required remuneration is made and informs the State's Attorney on the status of each participant. Collects, maintains and analyzes statistical data on types of clients, nature of offenses and rates of completion or recidivism. Statistical reports are provided to the State's Attorney and are used for future program planning and policy formulation. Performs public relations for the program by providing information to interested parties and receiving community feedback. Trains community volunteers to serve on the Citizens' Advisory Board as a screening panel for future program referrals. Performs tasks such as setting up community service and/or restitution schedules for clients, devising program policies and procedures which will improve operations and serves as a policy board member for the Correctional Employment Service. Maintains extensive contact with community service site supervisors, Citizens' Advisory Board Members, representatives of social service organizations and other community organizations. Conducts initial interviews with victims, guardians, or both, to offer support and therapeutic services to child victims and/or guardians. Confers with practicing therapists and the State's Attorney to assess circumstances to better plan and carry through the steps required to provide support and therapy and meet identified needs of the child. Schedules regular meetings with child victims to carry out the service plan through therapeutic and support activities. Schedules meetings to familiarize the victim with the court process in order to make the proceedings more understandable to a child; attempts to predict the child victim's ability to function with the court proceedings and physically supports the victim in the formal proceedings. Schedules regular meetings with parents/guardians to carry out the service plan through therapeutic and support activities. Teaches parenting skills to parents and guardians who are often angry and confused about parenting skills following abuse situations. Attempts to develop a trusting relationship with parents/guardians and child victims wherein a therapeutic process may occur. Assesses methods of intervention appropriate to each individual to increase program's success. Directs and supervises the day-to-day work performance of the Administrative Legal Secretary assigned to the Adult Diversion and Victim-Witness Programs and makes recommendations to the Senior Administrative Assistant concerning hiring and discipline of the Administrative Legal Secretary whenever they believe that such action is in the best interest of the office or the programs.

Qualifications: Master's degree or equivalent in social work or related counseling field. Prior counseling experience in human services and professional training in child abuse is recommended.


Scottsdale, AZ

Summary: Performs highly-detailed and organized duties in accomplishing the notification and file maintenance functions.

Duties: Performs duties and responsibilities commensurate with assigned functional area within a department(s) which may include, but are not limited to, any combination of the following tasks: Organizes, maintains and monitors Victim Services file and notification systems, including the Master, Bench Warrant and Probation lists and research the status of cases to ensure the timeliest notifications are being typed and mailed. Provides case status and criminal justice information to victims. Properly routes telephone messages to appropriate staff personnel. Works with Victim Services staff and volunteers, as well as other City department staff. Assists in complaint resolution through research and investigation processes; documents actions/results. Performs other duties as assigned. Qualifications: A high school diploma or GED; one year of responsible typing and word processing in an office environment. Knowledge of: Business English, spelling and grammar. Basic arithmetic. Office practices and procedures. Microsoft Windows Office products. Ability to: Make basic mathematical calculations. Type 35 wpm and/or input on a routine daily basis. Comprehend and make inferences from written material and verbal and/or written instructions. Listen, communicate and work effectively with a diverse group of people. Proficiently perform computerized word processing, comprehension, summarizing and writing/editing. Establish and maintain effective working relationships with City staff and the general public.

Licensing and Other Requirements: A valid Arizona driver’s license with no major driving citations in the last 39 months is required for all driving positions.


Mesa, AZ

Summary: A Victim Services Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for coordinating and administering the Victim Assistance Volunteer Program for the Police Department which involves performing substantially difficult, professional work relating to victim assistance counseling, casework, support, advocacy, and recruiting. Coordinating the program involves the working supervision of a large group of volunteers (40-60) performing victim assistance tasks. A major responsibility of the Victim Services Volunteer Coordinator is to provide crisis intervention to victims/witnesses of crime or circumstance on a 24-hour basis including violent felony crimes and high-profile cases. Additional duties performed include: developing training curriculum, coordinating a victim assistance school, and conducting training sessions for the volunteers that perform crisis intervention; assisting victims with completing orders of protection and injunction of harassment; writing and reviewing reports on the progress of cases; and maintaining case files. The Victim Services Volunteer Coordinator is subject to emergency call-out and standby during off-duty hours in order to respond to crisis situations. This class is responsible for performing related duties as required.

Duties: The nature of the work requires the ability to handle stressful circumstances and act effectively in emergency or crisis situations. An incumbent must be able to recognize a wide range of behavioral problems and utilize appropriate counseling techniques to resolve an immediate and critical situation and/or provide the appropriate information or referral service to resolve the problem. This function requires training, scheduling, and supervising numerous volunteers performing the same duties in the field. Work involves dealing with hostile, resistant, and unstable persons that may result in potentially hazardous situations. An employee in this class must be knowledgeable of victim's rights and domestic violence laws and related legislation, the court system and documents, a felony trials. The field work may involve exposure to hazardous body fluids. This class is supervised by the Victim Services Administrator.

Qualifications: Requires any combination of training, education, an experience equivalent to graduation from an accredited college/university with a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work, Sociology, Psychology, or a closely related field and a minimum of two years experience in counseling, social work, or crisis intervention. Good working knowledge of the criminal justice system, mental health law, the principles and techniques of prevention counseling, and the operations of social agencies is highly preferred. Experience working with volunteers is desirable. Bilingual speaking skills (English/Spanish) is also desirable. A Master's Degree from an accredited college/university is preferred.


Victim Assistance Program, Mesa, AZ

Summary: The Victim Services Specialist is responsible for assisting victims in dealing with the immediate and long-term impact of victimization.

Duties: This position works in the Victim Assistance Program with the Coordinator and volunteers in the area of victimization and crisis intervention. Employees in this class will be subject to call-out to assist in providing immediate crisis intervention to victims and witnesses of crime. The Victim Assistance Program operates 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Other responsibilities include helping to assist in minimizing the negative effects and injuries resulting from criminal acts and affording victims the rights accorded to them in the Arizona State Constitution. The work of this class involves some case management, referrals to community service agencies and acting as a liaison between victims of crime, police officers, and social service agencies. The nature of the work requires the ability to handle stressful circumstances and act effectively in emergency or crisis situations. An incumbent must be able to recognize a wide range of behavioral problems and utilize appropriate counseling techniques to resolve an immediate and critical situation and/or provide the appropriate information or referral service to resolve the problem. Work involves dealing with hostile, resistant, and unstable persons, which may result in potentially hazardous situations. An employee in this class must be knowledgeable of victim’s rights and domestic violence laws and related legislation, the court system and documents, and felony trials. The field work may involve exposure to hazardous body fluids. This class is supervised by the Victim Services Administrator.

Qualifications: Requires any combination of training, education, and experience equivalent to graduation from an accredited college or university with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work, Sociology, Psychology, or related field, and a minimum of two years experience in counseling, social work, or crisis intervention. Good working knowledge of the criminal justice system, mental health laws, the principles and techniques of prevention counseling, and the operations of social agencies is highly preferred. Bilingual (Spanish/English) skills are desired.


Dept. of Corrections, Wyandotte County, Kansas

Summary: Victim Services Liaison between crime victims, facility staff and community organizations.

Duties: Identify offenders who have committed person crimes and assist with reentry services. This will include identifying needs and consulting with facility staff, parole staff, offenders, victims, and community resources. Direct service to victims - Respond to crime victims needs by addressing unwanted offender contact and requested offender contact for visiting purposes and reentry planning services. Assist victims with requests for special conditions. Facilitate safety planning and provide referrals and resources to crime victims. Identify, connect and collaborate with appropriate community agencies to assist with victim concerns as well as family reintegration. Provide Victim Awareness training during orientation for new staff. Coordinate with staff to create awareness of victim issues through displays, information dissemination and activities. Collaborate with the existing Peer Support team.

Qualifications: Required Minimum Qualifications: Six (6) months of experience in planning, implementing and monitoring activities relevant to the KDOC programs. Education may be substituted for experience as determined relevant by the agency.

Preferred Skills and/or Qualifications: At least one (1) year of experience working with victims. Some experience in public speaking. Ability to work with victims and offenders in a non-judgmental and confidential manner. Ability to work in a collaborative manner with other employees and community entities. Basic computer skills are necessary, including ability to use Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, navigate databases and track information. Ability to work independently in a professional manner. Ability to maintain solid professional boundaries. 


Victim Services Office, Bullhead City, AZ

Summary: Under general supervision, respond 24 hours a day to assist victims immediately following the crime in whatever capacity is needed within the scope of the program. Serves as a liaison between the victim and law enforcement and medical personnel.

Duties: Responds to requests from law enforcement to assist victims of crime through crisis intervention. At the request of the crime victim, accompany them to court hearings/trials. Assist victim in making phone calls to family and friends. When necessary, arrange for emergency shelter and food for crime victims. Arrange transportation. Explain, in terms they can understand, the criminal justice system as it applies to their situation. Identify victims and witnesses needs resulting from crime. Provide referral to other social service agencies for assistance. Provide information and referral for victim compensation program. Attend monthly staff and training meetings. Attend any additional trainings as deemed appropriate (at the expense of the program). Must complete two (2) mandatory ride-a-longs with law enforcement agencies within jurisdiction. Provides exceptional customer service to internal and external customers. Complies with and promotes safe practices in agreement with the safety rules and procedures set forth in the Loss Control Program. Performs related work as required.

Qualifications: Individual must possess the desire to assist people in “Crisis” The ability and flexibility to respond to 24 hour on call situations. Must successfully complete crisis intervention training as required by the program. And willing to commit at least one (1) year to the program. Bi-lingual in English and Spanish desirable.


City Prosecutor’s Office, Victim Services Program, Bullhead City, AZ

Summary: Performs a variety of Victims’ Rights program and administrative support duties.

Duties: Notifies victims in person, by mail, phone and email of legal rights under Arizona State Law and Arizona Bill of Rights. Composes correspondence; types and/or uses word processing software to prepare reports, documents, letters, forms, and other items; prepares materials for meetings and conferences; may develop and maintain detailed records of activities and function. Interviews office visitors and telephone callers, answering inquiries, responding to concerns, and referring them to other staff as appropriate. Must strive to ensure excellent internal and external customer service. Addresses and explains legal/court processes and answers victims’ questions and concerns. A minimum 50% of time is spent providing direct service to crime victims which includes crisis counseling in person and by phone, accompanying victims to court, assisting victims with protective orders and safety plans, assist with completing Victim Impact Statements, Victim Compensation, restitution, makes appropriate referrals to other agencies and provides Crisis Intervention support to victims. Assists the Victim Services Coordinator with organizing and coordinating reviewing volunteer applications schedules for Crisis Intervention Volunteers and Court Advocates, provides training for volunteers. Receives victim feedback and enters data into database for tracking statistical program information. Retrieves historical information from files, records, and computerized information system. Complies with and promotes safe practices in agreement with the safety rules and procedures set forth in the Loss Control Program. Performs related work as required and assists with special products.

Qualifications: Graduation from high school or GED; and any combination of education, training and experience, which demonstrates the ability to perform the essential functions of the position. Must be able to type 55 wpm.

Salary: $12.07 - $18.37 per hour