Jury Selection, Trial and Deliberations

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The Arizona Supreme Court Committee on More Effective Use of Juries. Jurors: The Power of 12 (1999). The Arizona Supreme Court Jury Duty page contains reports, summaries, and links to juror reform reports and juror information pages.


The Judicial Council’s Jury System Improvement page includes reports on improvements and implementation.

Wonder, Roy, J. Clark Kelso, and G. Thomas Munsterman. Final Report of the Blue Ribbon Commission on Jury System Improvement. Sacramento: Blue Ribbon Commission on Jury System Improvement, 1996. (KFC1045 .C34 1996)


Implementation Committee. Implementation Plan: Jury Reform in Colorado (March 12, 1998). Munsterman, G. Thomas.

Report on Technical Assistance for the Jury Reform Subcommittee of the Legislative Advisory Committee, State of Colorado . San Francisco: NCSC Western Regional Office, 1988.


The Hawaii Committee on Jury Innovations for the 21st Century Summary of Recommendations.

Proposed Order regarding rules of penal procedure and rules of civil procedure relating to trial juries (Jan. 9, 1999).


Indiana Rules of Court, Jury Rules (eff. Jan. 1, 2003). Includes innovations.


Council on Juror Use and Management: Report and Recommendations .


Hannaford, Paula L., and G. Thomas Munsterman. Massachusetts Project on Innovative Jury Trial Practices: Final Report. (Boston: National Center for the Participation in the Administration of Justice, 2002). (KFM2942. D73 2002).


State of Jury Management in Minnesota. (October 1999). Court Services Division. An evaluation of the jury management system in Minnesota, specifically focusing on the financial hardships faced by jurors due to their service.


New Jersey

New Jersey juror management standards and reports. Includes standards for voir dire and jury selection in criminal and civil cases, reports on juror questions, and guidelines for dealing with deaf and hearing-impaired jurors.

New York

The Jury Project . Introduction: Rules and Procedures of the Available Jury Pool.

Vera Institute of Justice. Five Years of Jury Reform: What Jurors are Saying. Final Report on Juror Concerns to the Unified Court System.



Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts . This is an advocacy group that works on jury issues and other court related issues.

Rhode Island

Munsterman, Janice T., G. Thomas Munsterman, and Samuel D. Conti. Suggestions for Improvement of Jury Management in Rhode Island. North Andover, MA: National Center for State Courts Northeastern Regional Office, 1982. 


Washington State Commission published a report in July, 2000.