Bench Books, manuals and guides

The Role of the Municipal Court in City Government (YouTube video) (Texas)

Municipal Court Roles and Responsibilities (Arizona) 

Missouri Municipal Division Brochure: A Guide to Municipal Divisions in Cities and Towns (Intended for use by municipal court judges in casual meetings with mayors, city council, city managers, city CFOs, etc. to explain the legal and judicial aspects of Municipal Divisions.)

Limited Jurisdiction Bench Book (Arizona) (pdf)

Limited Jurisdiction Reference Manual: 34 chapters – Table of Contents (Arizona) (pdf)

Code of Judicial Administration (Arizona)

Judicial Institute District Court Magistrate Manual (Michigan)

St. Louis County Municipal Court Handbook (Missouri) (pdf)

North Dakota Bench Books are confidential; you may contact judicial educator, Lee Ann Barnhardt directly for past agendas for municipal court judge conferences.

Summary Court Judges Bench Book (South Carolina) 

State of South Carolina Municipal Court Handbook (last updated in 2011)

The Municipal Court Administration Association of South Carolina manages a listserv for the municipal courts and conducts training programs for court administrators, clerks of courts, municipal judges and other city or town employees involved in municipal court administration. 

Criminal and DUI Sentencing Charts (Arizona)

Michigan Judicial Institute Criminal Procedure Benchbook Vol. 1 (PreTrial/Trial) 

Michigan also offers two Quick Reference guides: 

Ohio Court-Ordered Sealing of Criminal Record with Consideration of Indigency (Updated January 2019)

Human Trafficking Bench Card (Ohio, January 2018)

Michigan Judicial Institute Residential Landlord-Tenant Benchbook

Michigan Judicial Institute Summary Proceedings Flowchart Quick Reference Material 

Michigan Judicial Institute Traffic Benchbook, Fourth Edition

Michigan Judicial Institute Traffic Quick Reference Material (table summarizing fines, fees, and costs) 

Traffic Case Resources (Arizona)