Court-related online dispute resolution (ODR) is ...

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News and Events

ODR Industry Summit March 4-5

Denver, Colorado

International ODR Forum Oct. 29-30

Williamsburg, Virginia


SRLN's ODR Webinar Series (register here)

  • February 15, 2019, 2-3pm EST: Paul Embley presents "ODR: Coming to a Court Near You"
    Video (registration required) or slide deck
  • March 13, 2019, 2-3pm EST: Hon. Sherrll A. Ellsworth (Ret.) and Jonathan Verk present Co-Parenter
  • April 23, 2019, 2-3pm EST: Shannon Salter presents Civil Resolution Tribunal (Canada's first on-line tribunal)

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ODR at eCourts 2018

Watch the replay with Judge Krot (MI), Judge McCullagh (UT), and Judge Silberman (CA) discussing ODR at work in their courts.

... a public-facing digital space in which parties can convene to resolve their dispute or case.


  • Bold Measures in ODR Blog. (2019). This blog was established in conjunction with the International ODR Forum scheduled to be held in Williamsburg, Virginia in October 2019. Contributors explore a variety of subjects related to online dispute resolution.
  • JTC Resource Bulletin ODR for Courts. (2017). This Resource Bulletin from the Joint Technology Committee provides a basic primer in ODR and describes several implementation models, as well as court-specific opportunities and considerations.
  • JTC Resource Bulletin Case Studies in ODR for Courts: A view from the front lines. (2017). This Resource Bulletin from the Joint Technology Committee is a companion to the JTC Resource Bulletin: ODR for Courts and describes ODR implementations in a variety of court settings.
  • Santa Clara University Online Dispute Resolution: The State of the Art (2018). This seminar examines the development of ODR, think through some of the new challenges it poses to neutrals and systems designers, and look at all the major providers, administrative agencies, and international organizations currently involved. 
  • SXSW 2019-Adopting Online Courts in Utah's Legal System. This resource is a recording of a panel discussion between Pew, the NCSC, and Utah's Supreme Court and Administrative Office of the Court regarding ODR in Utah's Legal System. SXSW 2019: Utah, 'Pajama Court' and Resolving Cases Online. This resources is a government technology article summarizing the panel discussion. 
  • University of Missouri School of Law Open Education Resources Dispute Resolution in the Digital Age - Online Dispute Resolution. (2018). These resources were created by Professor Amy J. Schmitz to teach online dispute resolution. The resources are diverse in scope. Topic examples include ODR Governance, ODR in the Courts, Family Law ODR, and ODR in Developing Nations. 
  • Utah Online Dispute Resolution Steering Committee Utah Online Dispute Resolution Pilot Project. (2017). This pilot project, funded by SJI, is being developed by the Utah AOC to allow self-represented litigants access to justice through a computer or mobile device. The system that was conceptualized by the ODR Steering Committee will assist users in filing documents, defending claims, communicating with other parties, learning about processes, and participating in their small claims cases.

amicable serving clients in the U.K.

Better Business Bureau serving clients in the U.S. and Canada.

Brav serving clients in the U.S.

Conflicteam serving clients globally.

coParenter serving clients in the U.S.

Cyber Settle serving clients in the U.S.

Disputly serving clients in the U.S.

FairClaims (Arbiclaims) serving clients in the U.S.

The International Court for Online Conflict Resolution (ICOCR) serving clients globally.

It's Over Easy serving clients in the U.S.

Matterhorn (Court Innovations) serving clients in the U.S.

Modria serving clients in the U.S.

OnlineMediators serving clients globally.

PeopleClaim serving clients in the U.S.

Resolve Disputes Online serving clients in the U.K. and Australia.

resolver serving clients in the U.K.

RisolviOnline serving clients in Italy.

Settle Today serving clients in the U.S.

SettlementIQ (also referred to as Forthright Solutions) serving clients in the U.S.

Smartsettle serving clients in the U.S. and Canada.

TalkDD serving clients in the Thailand.

TurboCourt serving clients in the U.S.

Virtual Courthouse serving clients in the U.S.

wevorce serving clients in the U.S.

Zeyo serving clients in the U.S.