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Fair and efficient handling of consumer debt actions: Key steps and tools to implement NOW (webinar)


Consumer debt hit a high of $14.3 trillion just as the pandemic hit, leaving millions of newly unemployed workers without a regular paycheck to pay existing debts and putting them in the position of having to rely on credit cards to pay essential household expenses. These challenges to American finances are likely to extend many years beyond the pandemic crisis, leaving some to speculate that the “coronavirus pandemic is set to metastasize into a debt collection pandemic.” This webinar highlights key steps and tools that state courts can implement now – without statutory or rule changes – to ensure that consumer debt actions are managed fairly and efficiently.


  • Brittany Kauffman, Senior Director, IAALS


  • Judge Graciela L. Freixes, Los Angeles Superior Court
  • Justice Deno Himonas, Supreme Court of Utah
  • Stacey Marz, Administrative Director, Alaska Court System

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