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Webinar: Tips for conducting remote and hybrid hearings with self-represented litigants


Addressing the digital divide. Communicating scheduling changes. Providing legal information in layman’s terms on court websites. Managing the waiting room. Since the start of the pandemic, courts across the country have adapted their processes to allow for remote and virtual proceedings. Join us for the next discussion in a series of webinars focused on best practices for engaging with attorneys and self-represented litigants in remote and virtual hearings. This webinar will feature a high-energy, practical discussion with judges and court administrators who have been engaging with self-represented litigants in remote and hybrid hearings. They will discuss how they have addressed challenges in adapting their court processes to a virtual environment and ways to communicate updated practices with self-represented litigants and community groups. They will also offer practical tips for making remote/virtual proceedings effective.


  • Judge Alicia Washington, Associate Judge, 10th Judicial Circuit, Peoria, Illinois
  • Chief Justice Paula Carey, Massachusetts Trial Court
  • Andrew Campbell, Manager of the Remote Hearing Technology Unit, The Vermont Judiciary
  • Kendra Key, Staff Attorney, Indiana Supreme Court


  • Danielle Hirsch and Zach Zarnow, Court Consulting Services, National Center for State Courts

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