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Webinar: Using design to improve court forms


In this session, counselor Margaret Hagan, executive director of Stanford’s Legal Design Lab, of Stanford’s Legal Design Lab will show you how design impacts communication and understanding of court forms. She will cover:

  • How to choose the right visual elements
  • Form composition
  • Decluttering
  • Using color and font choices to enhance understanding

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Margaret Hagan directs the Legal Design Lab, a Research and Design (R&D) lab for more accessible, intuitive and engaging legal services at Stanford Law School. She is a lecturer at the Law School and the Stanford Institute of Design (the She is a lawyer with a JD from Stanford, and a PhD in Politics from Queen’s University Belfast. Her blog on legal innovation is OpenLab. Margaret works on public interest technology, teaching classes in partnership with courts and self help centers and leading R&D around new applications, visuals, policies and artificial intelligence to improve access to justice.