The Cady Initiative Collaborative

Cady Initiative implementation tools

FJI Readiness Assessment Capture
Cady Readiness Checklist Capture
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Court Readiness Assessment for Implementing Cady Initiative Principles:
This document is for courts considering implementation of the Cady Initiative Principles. This self-assessment tool is designed to help court leaders highlight priority areas and foresee potential barriers to implementation
Court Readiness Checklist:
Use this checklist to determine the extent to which your current court practices are aligned with the principles of the Cady Initiative
Considerations for Cady Initiative Performance Measures:
Courts may use these measures to set baseline measurements and to monitor the impacts of Cady Initiative  processes over time.

Cady Initiative workshops

  • Triage Automation
  • Dashboards
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Well-Being as a Primary Case Outcome

Triage tools and resources

Accessing the court & self help

Coming to Court on Your Own - A quick video with helpful considerations for going to court.

Legal Language 101- A brief video reviewing definitions of frequently used legal language.


A resolution supporting the redesign of justice processes for families was passed at the CCJ/COSCA 2020 Annual
Meeting on July 30, 2020.

A resolution was passed by the the Courts, Children, and Families Committee at the Conference of Chief Justices 2019 Midyear Meeting on February 13, 2019.

Other resources