Past projects

The National Center for State Courts conducts caseflow management and calendaring assessments for all types of courts. This includes general and limited jurisdictions, appellate courts, municipal courts, specialty and problem-solving courts, family and juvenile courts, probate courts and administrative courts.

Examples of past assessments:
  • Case management and calendaring assessment
  • Criminal caseflow management analysis
  • Efficiency, process, and operations review
  • Commercial court calendar review
  • Case assignment and calendaring analysis
  • Magistrate operations and workflow analysis
  • Workforce planning and process study
  • Analysis of innovative approaches to appellate case resolution
  • Calendaring and docketing study
  • Assessment to improve probate matters
  • Organizational structure and workflow evaluation
  • Assistance with transition from master calendar system to individual judge calendar system
  • Involuntary commitment calendar and caseflow consulting
  • Assessment of clerical office and caseflow management

Review of Collections Process for the South Dakota Unified Judicial System (SJI Grant), 2013
Review of Foreclosure Cases for the Cuyahoga County, Ohio Court of Common Pleas, 2009