Court Space Innovation reDesign Challenge

While meeting the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, courts around the nation have implemented many innovative practices to increase access to adjudication and court services using technology and new service initiatives. As a result, courts must consider how their space can better support these new ways of conducting business.
NCSC is conducting the COURT SPACE reDESIGN CHALLENGE (the Challenge) to identify and promote new promising practices in the state courts community.

The Challenge is being conducted by NCSC under the guidance of the CCJ/COSCA Pandemic Rapid Response Team and is funded by a Grant made possible by the State Justice Institute.

For more information, contact Principal Court Consultant Nathan Hall.

NCSC is seeking court space planning and design examples from state courts that illustrate new and reconstructed court spaces supporting new business practices and new ways of conducting business. Participation from courts of all jurisdictions is encouraged, including appellate courts, criminal courts, civil courts, family courts, juvenile courts, and courts of limited jurisdiction. Examples of projects that are welcomed (but not limited to) include new or remodeled courtrooms, hybrid and remote adjudication spaces, offices, and public service spaces illustrating innovative design concepts.

NCSC encourages courts to submit projects already completed and projects in the planning and idea phase. Submissions for completed projects should include those completed in 2020 or later.

NCSC staff will select up to ten projects that best illustrate innovative ideas of how new space may be developed or how existing space can be transformed to better support new ways of business. A representative from each of the selected projects will be invited to participate in an expense-paid National Judicial Court Space Innovation Workshop, where participants will share their experiences, challenges, and solutions, and discuss opportunities for innovative judicial space solutions. The workshop is anticipated to be convened in late Spring/early Summer 2023. In addition, the selected projects will receive national recognition and/or no-cost technical assistance in one of the following two categories:

  • CHALLENGE CATEGORY ONE: The NCSC will select up to five projects that have already been completed, are substantially completed, or have substantial planning work underway to be showcased nationally in a video documentary. The documentary will provide courts an opportunity to describe their journey, the challenges their lessons learned, and how their innovative ideas have affected their operations and service to the public. Selected projects may also be highlighted in future NCSC court space planning publications, webinars, and court conferences.
  • CHALLENGE CATEGORY TWO: The NCSC will also select up to five projects in the planning and idea phase to receive technical assistance from NCSC experts at no cost to their court. Types of assistance provided may vary between projects, but may include help with court space planning and design, enhancing access to justice, court process improvement, and technology planning. Selected projects in Category Two may also be highlighted in future NCSC court space planning publications, webinars, and court conferences.

Courts submitting an entry for the Challenge are NOT required to pay an entry fee. As mentioned above, the Challenge is being funded through a grant provided by the State Justice Institute.

Prior to submitting the online entry, we recommend that applicants review the questions and required submission materials here.

Applicants can then submit an entry using this link.

Entries Due: February 17, 2023

Challenge Winners Announced: March 2023

Showcase Documentary and Space Implementation Projects: Spring/Summer 2023

Court Space Innovation Workshop: Late Spring/Early Summer 2023