Webinars & Resources

Establishing a Shared Language in the State Courts

July 2022
Critical conversations about racial justice can be derailed when people do not have the same understanding of terms or do not use them in a consistent way. Developing a shared language acknowledges harmful terms, minimizes biases, and promotes inclusion and fair treatment. This document explains why developing a shared language is an important step in conversations about racial justice and offers guidance on how to get started.

What’s next? Maintaining momentum on the path to your racial justice blueprint

December 8, 2021
This webinar continues our journey by exploring various approaches taken by your colleagues to track their progress, maintain momentum and overcome challenges that arise. Members of the Communications and Implementation Working Group of NCSC’s Racial Justice Blueprint Initiative address these issues and more.

Lessons learned on the path to creating a racial justice blueprint

October 13, 2021
As state and local courts across the country continue their efforts to combat racial prejudice, there are valuable lessons to be learned from colleagues’ challenges and successes in transitioning from words to actionable reform. Hear from Chief Justices and staff involved in the day-to-day facilitation of strategic plans.

The Evolving Science on Implicit Bias: An Updated Resource for the State Court Community

March 2021
With support from the State Justice Institute and the National Center for State Courts, NCSC prepared an updated resource for the court community to summarize the current state of the continually maturing science on implicit bias as of March 2021. This report replaces NCSC’s 2012 report, Helping Courts Address Implicit Bias: Resources for Education.