Bailiff's Station

The bailiff or court security officer is responsible for the security in the courtroom and for the safety of all participants, maintains order in the courtroom, and removes disruptive persons from the court. Additional responsibilities may include announcing the entry of the judge, escorting witnesses to and from the jury box, escorting jurors to and from the jury box, handling heavy or hazardous evidence, and running errands for the judge during the trial. The number of bailiffs assigned to a courtroom depends on the type of case or judge presiding. One bailiff per courtroom is common in a criminal trial, except in multi-defendant trials or high profile cases that pose a security risk.

The area surrounding the bailiff's station should be free of obstacles should it become necessary to respond to an emergency. Access to the bailiff's station should be through the private corridor.

The bailiff or court officer should be able to see all the participants and the public. The location of the bailiff's station will vary depending upon the circumstances of the case being heard. The station may be located by the jury box entrance when defendants in custody are testifying. Otherwise, a chair can be provided near the defendant's table in criminal trials or by the jury box nearest to spectator seating. In trials where defendant security is not a concern, the bailiff or court officer may be stationed by the judge or court clerk.

The design and image of the bailiff's station should be compatible with the style of the judge's bench and other courtroom furniture.

The bailiff should be able to see all areas of courtroom clearly. No special lighting need be provided.

No special furnishings required.

A permanent bailiff’s workstation must be adaptable for future accessibility.

The bailiff must have access to a duress button connected to the main security office.

Although most bailiffs may move about the courtroom, there may be a bailiff's station consisting of a movable swivel chair, which provides the support and comfort required for long periods of courtroom duty. The bailiff station may include a small table. The total area of the bailiff's station need not be more than 12 to 15 square feet.

The bailiff will carry a portable communications device. Any fixed bailiff stations should be equipped with a duress alarm.