Bailiff's Central Workroom

Where bailiffs or court security officers are assigned from a centralized office, a central bailiff's workroom/assembly room provides a location for bailiff assembly and coordination. The area may include office space for a chief and assistant bailiff/security officer, a workstation for a clerical assistant, space for lockers, a storage room or area, and an assembly room. Bailiffs will assemble in the workroom before court and during recesses, and this will be an area to complete reports, confer with other bailiffs, and relax.

The room will be used infrequently during the day and need only be of a utilitarian design. The size of the bailiffs' workroom and assembly area will vary depending upon the size of the court facility and number of bailiffs required. Although the location of the bailiff's workroom is flexible, it may best be located near or adjacent to the central prisoner holding area. From this location, bailiffs can quickly respond to most emergencies. Bailiffs should have access to both the public and private circulations systems from their work area, and to the prisoner circulation through the central holding area.

The workroom should be furnished with comfortable seating, a work surface, and desks, and lockers. If bailiffs are provided individual workstations they need be no larger than 15-20 square feet.

The workroom should also be provided with staff toilets.