Law Enforcement Officers Workroom

A law enforcement officers' waiting / workroom serves much the same purpose as the attorney lounge in that it provides officers with a designated area outside the public corridors where they can be readily available once court begins, rather than waiting in other court offices or the courtroom itself. Here, they can complete reports, review testimony, make phone calls, converse, and relax before their court appearance or during recesses.

The room should be entered from the public corridor and should not be located in the private, or restricted areas of the court facility.

The location of the law enforcement workroom is flexible, although it should be near the courtrooms.

The room should have natural lighting, if possible, and be well ventilated and air conditioned.

The workroom should be furnished like the attorney lounge, with sofas, chairs, work tables, and telephones.

The room should meet standard courthouse security procedures.

The size of the law enforcement workroom may vary from 200 to 400 square feet, depending upon the expected number of offices.

A telephone should be provided for shared use by all officers.