Admission - ICM Fellows Program

Individuals who wish to become an ICM Fellow must complete an admissions process. Applications will be accepted through September 30, 2020 and may be submitted electronically.  Admissions materials are reviewed by a screening committee, with formal invitations extended to the selected candidates. Questions about the program or the admissions process may be addressed to Amy McDowell or ICM Fellows.

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Admission Process Requirements:

Applicants must submit the following materials:

  • A completed ICM Fellows Program application form
  • A one-pager cover letter explaining why the applicant wishes to pursue an ICM Fellowship, as well as his or her current duties, responsibilities and career goals
  • One letter of recommendation from a direct supervisor or presiding judge that clearly indicates the applicant's ability to commit to the time and cost of the ICM Fellows Program
  • A writing sample of no more than 2,000 words on a public policy question selected by the Dean. The essay may follow any standard style format but should be typed and double-spaced.

Applicants for the Class of 2022 should review the following statement and respond to the essay question posed below:

In a recent article, Janet G. Cornell (ICM Fellow ‘91) observes that: The coronavirus pandemic presents challenges for courts to manage operations and ensure ongoing access to justice while providing a profound opportunity for change. After the urgency settles, courts will be faced with taking the lessons learned and implementing lasting new ways of doing business in a way that measures successes and outcomes.” COVID-19 and the Courts: A Case Study of Contrasts, Reengineering and Observations, Trends 2020 Issue 3.  

Essay Question: Based on your experience as a court professional, what are some of the most important changes that you have observed and are hopeful will become lasting new ways of doing business in the courts?

Applicants interested in pursuing the ICM Fellows certification may submit completed applications to the ICM Fellows Program by providing the above materials via mail or email to:

Amy McDowell
Director of Executive Leadership Education and Dean, ICM Fellows Program
National Center for State Courts
300 Newport Avenue
Williamsburg, VA 23185