Comparing state courts

State Court Organization

This application allows users to customize detailed comparative data about how state trial and appellate courts are organized and administered.

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Civil Appeals Profile Database

The Civil Appeals Profile Database is a compilation of appellate court practices and procedures for civil cases on appeal. Users can view all procedures for a single court or compare procedures across courts, given their particular interest.

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Court Statistics Project

The Court Statistics Project (CSP) collects and analyzes data relating to the work of our nation's state courts.

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Judicial Salaries

The National Center for State Courts has published an annual Survey of Judicial Salaries for more than 30 years, and its online resource center allows you to search current salary data, view national rankings by position, and more.

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Language Access Programs

NCSC's Language Access Services Section (LASS) provides state courts with resources to overcome language barriers and to ensure that individuals with limited English proficiency have access to the courts.

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Judicial Selection

The American Judicature Society has compiled comprehensive informationon judicial selection processes and practices in each of the fiftystates and the District of Columbia.

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