Analysis & Strategy

Funding analyses



Opinion research on court funding

Funding Justice: Strategies and Messages for Restoring Court Funding contains important lessons, some of them counter-intuitive, about how people view the courts and their funding needs. It explains how to tell the story of the courts, and why they matter, in an era when the public is very focused on government austerity. It includes a section on working with budget policymakers, based on interviews conducted around the country.

Funding principles and budget management

Principles for Judicial Administration is intended to serve as a unifying document for all principles courts can follow to deal with budget cuts. It is clear that these principles are interdependent. The first two sets of principles, which address governance and decision-making and case administration, are foundations that courts need in place to manage their resources efficiently and effectively.

ABA Task Force on Preservation of the Justice System

The ABA Task Force on Preservation of the Justice System was established to address the budget cuts to state courts. Throughout the past few years, the ABA Task force has held press conferences to discuss this significant issue.