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Behavioral health leadership positions are needed in courts

May 4, 2022

By Alyssa Nekritz

May is National Mental Health Awareness Month. The National Center for State Court’s (NCSC) Behavioral Health Team contends that court administrative offices need behavioral health personnel to improve overall mental illness response programs. Working groups and task forces help set goals, but positions focused on mental health ensure long-term, consistent work improving mental health treatment.

Multiple state courts agree and have hired behavioral health personnel to complete their administrative team. These positions generally require years of experience in coordinating health programs to best support state court behavioral health initiatives. For example, several state court positions focused on mental health include:

These positions are designed to ensure targeted support for individuals living with mental illnesses as they interact with the court system. A focused position guarantees mental health advocates working within the court system and connecting more with overall community needs. Court behavioral health teams are meant to continuously screen and assess mental health courts and overall practices. Court employees should also receive mental health training and lessons on legal terminology to best assist constituents. NCSC’s Building Relationships to Lead Change includes ideas on how to improve behavioral health outcomes in the courts. It takes time to build relationships with local, state, and national organizations along with community-based groups to foster targeted change. Many state courts have therefore added behavioral health leadership positions.

NCSC has additional educational resources for behavioral health-related task forces and leadership positions. There are also mental health and well-being related resources for court employees who might need support.

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