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The National Center for State Courts continues helping courts through the pandemic with the AJA Rx4 Webinar series

February 2, 2021

On January 15th, 2021, The National Center for State Courts hosted AJA Rx4 Webinar: Relief, the second webinar in the American Judge’s association’s four webinar series. The webinar focused on steps courts have taken towards resuming suspended in-person hearings and jury trials, adjusting to remote work, and addressing the backlog.

Since news of the pandemic’s early sweep of China, the National Center for State Courts has been building and compiling resources to help prepare and guide the courts through the global pandemic. These resources continue to be updated as the epidemic evolves and can be accessed on the Coronavirus and the Courts webpage.

The Coronavirus and the Courts page offers a plethora of resources. An interactive infographic with features information regarding jury status, evictions, restart plans, and other materials. The site provides not only information as to what the jurisdictions are doing but models for courts looking to implement their own plan or needing to impose an order.

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NCSC and the CCJ/COSCA Rapid Response Team continue to add new content to the pandemic resources for courts page. Helpful filters are available to help users find what they need quickly.

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Newsletters and Stories houses some of the most recent information like new data on pandemic-related backlogs. For instance, with eleven states now analyzed, early concerns that a flood of new case filings would cause backlogs bogging down the courts do not seem to be coming to be, at least not yet. Data is still outstanding from the remaining 39 jurisdictions, and NCSC researchers are watching for surges in foreclosures and domestic relations cases.

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