Communications, Mapping & Funding Tools

Several organizations offer tools and resources that specifically support communications and funding for civil legal aid and access to justice, including mapping tools that can be a vital element of communications and fundraising. Below are some of the most important ones.

Voices for Civil Justice
Voices for Civil Justice is building a national identity for civil legal aid by:

  • Generating strong and sustained media coverage that demonstrates how civil legal aid helps ensure fairness in America’s justice system.
  • Creating messaging guidance and other communications and media tools for civil legal aid advocates.
  • Connecting journalists with a national network of civil legal aid experts.
  • Offering insights from messaging research specific to civil legal aid, as well as training opportunities, resources and a way to get involved in their national communications network.

All Rise for Civil Justice
All Rise for Civil Justice is both a campaign and a bank of stories and resources to fix our civil justice system so it works for everyone. Created by Voices for Civil Justice, All Rise for Civil Justice illustrates the civil justice crisis and supports the development of communications about the issues, the potential solutions offered by civil legal aid, and the actions civil justice organizations can take.

SRLN Mapping/GIS Resources
As we work collectively to fulfill the promise of justice for all and transform disadvantaged and disenfranchised communities, maps and visual data can be critical to our efforts. To create them we need Geographic Information System (GIS) technology along with an effective communications strategy. The Self-Represented Litigation Network offers resources and experts who can help organizations employ GIS mapping in their strategic communications.

American University Justice in Government Funding Resources
Federal pass-through funds account for about one-third of state government funding and more than half of state government funding for health care and public assistance. States administer these federal funds based on local priorities. Many opportunities to financially support civil legal aid flow from states’ powers to administer these funding sources. This module walks through a wide array of information about state-administered federal funding streams that can support civil legal aid.