Strategic Planning Grant: 2018

Although Montana did not receive funding for strategic action planning in the first wave of JFA funding, the Montana Supreme Court Access to Justice Commission undertook the beginning of a strategic planning process, with involvement from the Montana Supreme Court, the Montana Justice Foundation, the State Bar of Montana, Montana Legal Services Association and the Montana Supreme Court Office of Court Administrator. This preliminary strategic planning work has provided the foundation for a more robust inventory assessment based on the JFA components.  The Montana JFA inventory has capitalized on information and data gathered through previous community outreach efforts, legal needs surveys, and gaps analyses, and was supplemented by extensive stakeholder surveys. Based on the resulting inventory, the Montana team has begun more extensive planning and stakeholder engagement in the areas of: streamlining and simplifying court procedures, rules and processes; judicial education; coordinating access to justice technology projects; and a multi-provider statewide civil justice resource analysis.   

Point person: Niki Zupanic (Montana Justice Foundation)