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The Justice for All project is generously supported by the Public Welfare Foundation and The Kresge Foundation. 





Justice for All Awardees

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Justice for All In the News

March 30, 2017: Voices of the Governing Institute article highlights Justice for All project and awardees

CCJ Resolutions

 2018Resolution 3 promotes the Justice for All project and encourages states to undertake similar efforts.

 2015: Resolution 5 jump-starts the Justice for All Project. 

Justice for All Project

Justice for All Implementation Awards Announced 

New Justice for All Implementation Awards We are pleased to announce implementation awards to Justice for All planning awardees. All seven states received grants to support implementation pilots with the promise to significantly impact meaningful justice for all in their state.The implementation pilot descriptions can be found in this official award Announcement.

New Project Support & Awardee Planning 

New Justice for All Support! We are pleased to announce adoption of CCJ/COSCA Resolution 3, Expanding Justice for All. Resolution 3 explicitly supports the Justice for All project and encourages all states to undertake a strategic planning process to close their access to justice gaps. In addition, Open Society Foundations has generously joined the Public Welfare Foundation and The Kresge Foundation in supporting the project. Additional information on these exciting developments can be found in this Announcement.

Awardee Planning Update: Justice for All awardee states recently completed their strategic planning processes and are looking forward to the implementation phase of the project. Justice for All Lessons from the Field highlights key themes from the state plans and contains a link to the plans. 

About the Project

The Justice For All project aims to support efforts by the states to include all relevant stakeholders in the civil justice community in a partnership to better understand, adopt, and move toward implementation of CCJ/COSCA Resolution 5 (Meaningful Access to Justice for All). The project also seeks to enhance states’ commitment to reimagining how to work across organizational boundaries and optimize all available resources to advance access to justice for all. Click here for additional information about the project.

Strategic Planning Guidance Materials & Resources

Strategic Action Planning Materials: The Justice for All Strategic Planning guidance materials can be found here(Released August 3, 2016). 

*Note: There may be issues downloading the materials using Internet Explorer. Chrome or Firefox will work best for download.*

Messaging: New research commissioned by Voices for Civil Justice (with financial support by the Public Welfare Foundation) can help inform messaging around Justice for All planning and implementation. The report "Building A Civil Justice System that Delivers Justice for All" explores public opinions about civil justice reform and legal aid and contains recommendations on strategic messaging. 

Inventory Assessment Data Sources: Justice for All awardee states are using a variety of data sources to complete their Justice for All inventory assessments and recognize the importance of understanding their users (and current non-users). A number of states are using GIS maps made available by the Self-Represented Litigation Network (SRLN) to explore this information. Click here to access the maps.

Inventory Assessment Webinar: The NCSC hosted a webinar on the Justice for All inventory assessment process on July 31st. Attendees learned about the inventory assessment best practices, heard awardee states speak about their assessment experience, and posed relevant questions to project leaders and consultants. Click here to watch the webinar. 

Request for Proposals (RFP)

The Justice for All Request for Proposals (RFP) can be found here. (Released June 13, 2016)

RFP Webinar

The Justice for All Project held a webinar to discuss the RFP application and process on August 23rd. 

A recording of the webinar is below:


Email Shelley Spacek Miller or call her at 757-259-1538 if you have any questions about the RFP or guidance materials.