Judging Traffic

2018 Newsletters

October 17 New Marijuana Impaired Driving Study + Regional Judicial Outreach Liaison Paid Position Opening
September 19 Cannabis Report + Traffic Safety Facts
August 15 Limit on Prosecutorial Discretion Regarding DL Suspension + Significant Inferences Sufficient to Sustain DWI Conviction
July 18 State v. Lyanne Lemeunier-Fitzgerald + Traffic Safety Trends
June 20 New: Ignition Interlock Report + Low-Speed Gas Bicycle + Drugged Driving Data
May 16 Circuit Court Errs in Statutory Interpretation + Alternative Solution to Distracted Driving
April 18 1 in 3 Young Adults Ride With Impaired Drivers + Georgia Legislature Passes Distracted Driving Bill
March 21 Top Massachusetts Court Upholds Pretextual Traffic Stops in Commonwealth v. Buckley + Delaware Considers Becoming Second State to Lower BAC Limit for DUI to 0.05
February 14 Equal Justice Under Law Challenges Pennsylvania License Suspensions for Drug Offenses + France Bans All Smartphone Use While Driving--Even While Pulled Over
January 17 Oklahoma Impaired Driving Law Found Unconstitutional + Georgia Aims to Become a Hands-Free State + Big Brother on Wheels

2017 Newsletters

December 20 Legislators in Wisconsin Propose Interlocks for First-Time Offenders + Colorado Gives DUI Offenders Personal Breathalyzers
November 15 Georgia Supreme Court Holds That Compelled Breathalyzer Tests Violate Georgia Privilege Against Self-Incrimination
October 18 Commonwealth v. Gerhardt - Field Sobriety Tests and Marijuana;
September 20 Special Profile: Remote Video Proceedings for Traffic Cases in Fresno, California