Jur-E Bulletin

2018 Newsletters

November 30 Right to Jury Trial Connected to Collateral Consequence + Bailiff Helps Save Juror’s Life
November 16 A Nice Touch + Reynolds v. Florida
November 9 Juror Impeachment of Verdicts + A little humor
October 26 Hole in the Wall + U.S. Marshals Issue Fraud Alert
October 19 A former jury coordinator in Alaska receives the 2018 G. Thomas Munsterman Award
October 12 Louisiana Constitutional Amendment + Overly Lenient Jury Service Policies
October 5 Jury Service Caption Contest + To Catch a Thief + Implied Bias Case
September 28 Juror Rehabilitation in a Death Penalty Case + Ordinary Viewpoint or Bias?
September 21 Internet Research on Jurors Not Permitted + Are Jurors Eligible for Worker’s Compensation?
September 14 Victorian Jury Sentencing Study + Actual Juror Bias Case + Questions Concerning Prior Trial Experience
August 24 Taint on the Jury? + Take Down Orders + Well Designed Jury Summonses
August 17 Attorney Research on Jurors + Remedy When a Motion to Remove a Juror for Cause is Denied
August 10 Public Policy in Favor of Arbitration + Color of Postcard Summonses?
August 3 A Juror Who Knew the Victim + Polling Issue
July 27 Randomly Selecting Alternate Jurors + G. Thomas Munsterman Award
July 20 Assigning Juror Costs to a Party + The United Kingdom Announces a New Online Jury System
July 13 The Remedy Following a Batson Violation + Jury Nullification Issue Raised to Scotus
July 6 Collateral Consequences as a Consideration in the Right to a Jury Trial Calculation + Jury Selection and Implicit Bias
June 22 2017 Verdicts in Arizona + Jury Delivers Sentence in 10 Minutes
June 15 The Perils of Using Voter Registration Lists Alone + Death Sentence Resulting from Homophobia?
June 1 Jury Selection System in Alaska Faces Challenge + Toward a Civil Jury-Trial Default Rule
May 29 Pre-Suit Escalation Clauses + Jury Recruitment in a Bi-Lingual Environment
May 25 Improving Support for Jurors + Release of the Juror’s Names in the Cosby Case
May 18 Pennsylvania’s First Judicial District Juror Participation Initiative and New Video + New Juror Comprehension Report
May 11 Why Many Judges and Lawyers Don’t Trust Social Science Research + Ban Lifted Regarding Juror Contact
May 4 A Transient Juror Issue + Media Access to the Names of the Cosby Jurors
April 27 Webinar: Jury Managers’ Toolbox New Features and Upgrades + New Jersey Courts Release a Juror Appreciation Video
April 20 Mistrial for Juror Safety? + Juror Receives a 7 Month Suspended Sentence
March 30 Jurors with Disabilities + Recommendations of the Iowa Committee on Jury Selection
March 23 When a Researcher Serves on a Jury + More Calls for Jury Selection Reform in Canada
March 16 The Option to Select Online Jury Impaneling + Is Spiritual Guidance an Extraneous Influence?
March 9 2018 OJMA Conference in Columbus, Ohio + Juror Evaluations of Witness Memory and Demeanor
March 2 Show-Me Juror + Searching for Volunteer Jurors + Questions from a Reader
February 23 Juror’s Remorse? + Aspect of Voir Dire Closed to Public + Trusting Technology Too Much
February 16 New Mexico Juror Orientation Video + Continued Calls for More Inclusive Juries in Canada
February 9 Defendant Identifies Evidence of Extraneous Influence on a Juror + Resolution to Extend Batson to LGBT Community
February 2 United States v. Riesbeck + Juror Jailed for Lying + Humorous Story About Jury Service
January 26 Pennsylvania’s Mock Trial Competition + Jury Management Workshop + Blair County Moves to Debit Cards for Juror Pay
January 18 Implied Juror Bias + Unanimous Jury Ballot Measure in Oregon + Managing Non-Citizens Summoned for Jury Service
January 5 Helping Jurors Succeed + Dallas, Texas Public Outreach + Juror Stress Research Paper