Courts issue warning about scams

Jury Service Scams


There have been several media reports of jury services scams. In a recent scam, a local resident of Bergen County, New Jersey, complained last year about a disturbing call. A man had been warned that he’d be arrested for failing to appear for jury duty unless he paid a hefty fine. The caller's identity was discovered to be false. Det. Daryl Bagnuolo, of the Bergen County Sheriff’s Office, investigated the call, which uncovered a jury duty phone scam run out of a Georgia prison that targeted victims in at least a dozen states.

Other scams have been been identified across the country. The Arizona Daily Star reported on February 6, 2014 that the Pima Superior Court (AZ) has warned residents about a jury service scam and Kansas First News warned residence in Shawnee County, KS on February 7, 2014 about a similar scam. Additionally, the Indiana State Court System has warned residents statewide about a jury scam. Kathryn Dolan, public information officer of the Indiana Supreme Court said, "There have only been a few incidents, but court leaders are alerting the public in the abundance of caution."

There have also been nine more generalized fraud alerts this year that involve state courts. Some of these fraudulent activities are telephonically communicated and some are delivered via email. The links below go to press releases for the alerts.