Effective Felony Case Processing in State Courts for Administrative Judges and Court Managers

Webinar Details

Webinar session: 1.5 hours
No tuition or registration fee
Limited to 100 participants

Gordon M. Griller, Moderator
National Center for State Courts

David C. Steelman, Esq.
Global Justice Management, Ltd.

Hon. Patricia K. Costello
Assignment Judge, NJ Superior Court

Hon. Brian L. McCabe
Presiding Judge, CA Superior Court

Amy Wood
AZ Administrative Office of the Courts

Hon. Joseph C. Welty
Presiding Criminal Judge, AZ Superior Court

Hon. Christopher C. Starck
Trial Judge, IL Circuit Court

Presented by the National Center for State Courts


  • How to implement highly effective front-end felony caseflow procedures
  • Lessons learned in promoting justice systems stakeholder collaborations
  • Results-oriented criminal settlement conferences and pretrials
  • Using the right statistics to pinpoint delay
  • Problems and successes in introducing change via pilot projects
  • Helpful court rules to promote uniformity in multi-judge criminal departments
  • Plea cut-off policies and why they work
  • Ways to encourage lawyer preparedness
  • Developing and implementing a criminal caseflow management plan


Contact Ephanie Blair by email eblair@ncsc.org or phone at 303.308.4310 to register or ask any further questions.