Federal Funding Report

2019 Newsletters

March 1 Studies to Prevent Children/Youth Violence + Interventions for Substance Abuse
February 6 Improving the Justice Response to the Opioid Epidemic + Veterans Housing Construction Assistance
January 3 Domestic Violence Funding Including a Court-Based Focus

2018 Newsletters

December 5 Youth Treatment Program for Mental Illness + Decreasing Youth Violence
November 5 SJI Grants
October 17 Tribes Addressing the Opioid Crisis
September 18 Promoting the Safe Disposal of Opioids
August 17 Foundations Creating an Immigration Litigation Fund + Funding for Domestic Violence Shelters
August 7 Preventing Gang Recruitment of Unaccompanied Alien Children + Anti-Gang Strategies Through Coordination
July 18 Teams Reducing School Violence + Training for School Mental Health Crises
July 5 Preventing Financial Exploitation of the Elderly + Assisting Victims of Human Trafficking
June 21 Improving Services to Victims of Crime + Helping Governments Respond to Opioid Crisis
May 3 Funding for Swift, Certain, and Fair Parole Supervision + Evidence-Based Practices to Reduce Crime + Youth Funding for Second Chance/Reentry + More...
April 19 Areas Hit Hard by Opioid Epidemic
April 5 Prosecutor Strategies to Fight the Opioid Epidemic + Helping Communities Reduce Crime + Addressing the Precipitous Rise in Local Crime
March 22 Research on Gang Prevention + Dealing with Hate Crime
March 2 Transitional Living Assistance for Young People + Substance Abuse Treatment for Children and Youth
February 6 Homelessness and Mental Health Funding Assistance + Legal Education Aid