What's Trending Topics, and why should you care?


Trending Topics

What's Trending Topics, and why should you care?

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve our website, NCSC is introducing Trending Topics, another way – and we think a better way – to provide you with timely information that interests you the most.

Feedback suggests that consumers of NCSC’s content value quality over quantity, and expect a focus on the latest research and information about the courts. Trending Topics gives you that in short articles packed with context and analysis. These articles also include links to reports and white papers – most from NCSC, and some from other sources – for those who want to take a deeper dive.

Launched in late May,  Trending Topics has already covered a wide-range of timely issues, including NCSC research illustrating a dramatic drop in case filings during the pandemic, a just-released public opinion poll showing strong public support for remote appearances, and National Open Court Data Standards (NODS) governance standards that will help courts create, evaluate, revise, and maintain good data governance policies and practices within the context of their own laws, rules, and regulations.

“NCSC produces great products, tools and subject-matter expertise, but we’re not always the best at promoting and highlighting our own work,” said David Hartt, director of NCSC’s Knowledge and Information Services (KIS) Department, which spearheaded the effort to create Trending Topics. “One of the objectives for Trending Topics is to improve the visibility of NCSC work. If we improve the visibility of our work, we also improve the accessibility of our work. This is a win-win scenario. It’s good for NCSC, but most important, it’s good for our customers and constituents.”

KIS analysts as well as experts in our Research and Court Consulting Services divisions write the Trending Topics articles. Expect several new articles a week.

Have information to share about how your court is responding to the pandemic? Submit it to pandemic@ncsc.org.

Don’t miss part 2 of the community engagement webinar

As stories go, this one is relatively short, but you still may not finish it. Maybe the air conditioner will turn on and interrupt your train of thought. Or you’ll look for a kitten video on the internet. Or you’ll start thinking about the coronavirus pandemic.

The point: People have very short attention spans, said Arthur Lupia, assistant director of the National Science Foundation. So when courts are communicating an important message, they must understand people’s core concerns, understand their values and give them a reason to believe they must keep reading or listening, despite all the distractions. That was one message from the first part of a two-part webinar on community engagement, as part of the Community Engagement in the State Courts Initiative.

The second episode of the webinar, which will start at 3 p.m. Tuesday, July 14, will focus on meetings that court officials have had with people in minority communities. Register here.