Virtual eCourts conference is the dictionary definition of 'innovative'


virtual ecourts

Virtual eCourts conference is the dictionary definition of 'innovative'

Every December, language aficionados perk up their ears for the release of the “word of the year.” While Merriam-Webster has yet to release its word of the year, NCSC’s eCourts program reads like a list of the leading candidates for the word that best defines 2020: pandemic, virtual, remote, disinformation, and many others. We hope you will register and join us, virtually, for eCourts 2020 on December 7, 8 and 9.

In our keynote session, HR guru Tom Topping will discuss outcome-driven approaches for leaders, managers, and staff that provide resilient models for success in a remote work environment—while creating a satisfying work experience for everyone. “Optimizing staff leadership and team performance at every level of an organization truly excites me. I love developing cutting edge techniques that lead to award-winning approaches in team building,” says Topping.

The program includes a variety of education presentations, and presentations from sponsors. One session will focus on the challenges presented to working in a remote environment, including ways for us to take care of our own mental health and make sure we address work-life balance in our socially distant environment. A complete list of session descriptions is available on the eCourts website.

This will be the largest conference NCSC has ever hosted in a virtual environment. And while the networking and one-on-one interactions won’t be the same, NCSC’s Director of Association and Conference Services Jennifer Haire says there is still tons of value in the program. “We know that the quality of the education NCSC offers is the best in the business,” says Haire. “This year has presented a unique challenge for our meetings and conferences, but we have risen to that challenge.”

Complete your free registration for eCourts 2020 here.

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