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Institute for Court Management goes virtual, graduating 50th class of fellows

Institute for Court Management goes virtual, graduating 50th class of fellows

July 13, 2022 — Like courts, the Institute for Court Management (ICicmfellowszoomM) Fellows program has adapted to a new way of doing business while continuing to educate and develop court leaders.

Final presentations of the students’ research findings went virtual, along with graduation — which traditionally takes place at the U.S. Supreme Court. Not only did the 50th class mark a milestone in the program’s history, the group also participated in the first virtual ICM Fellows graduation ceremony.

“The major disruptions during the early months of COVID-19 prevented their ability to engage in their research and the completion of court projects,” said J.D. Gingerich, interim dean of the ICM Fellow program. “In some cases, the court locations where their research was focused were closed. Ordinary research activities such as in-person interviews, the ability to distribute surveys, and court observations all became difficult — if not impossible — to accomplish. The class members were finally able to present the results of their project work last year and submitted their papers earlier this year.”

Graduates of the 50th class and courts they represent include:

  • Seanna Annisette — Trinidad and Tobago
  • Bridget M. Gazelle — Maryland
  • Jacqueline Graham — Caribbean Court of Justice
  • Megan K. Huffman — North Dakota
  • Brodie Kimmel — Alaska
  • Brandon Kimura — Hawai’i
  • Shawn Peterson — North Dakota
  • Heather Pugh — California
  • Alisa Shoults — Nevada

To become an ICM Fellow, candidates complete a rigorous four-step process that measures an individual’s aptitude in court management, research and executive leadership through three levels of certification. As the only intensive educational offering for court professionals in the U.S., the program boasts more than 1,300 alumni who represent 49 states, the District of Columbia, Guam and 12 foreign countries.

“The purpose of Fellows is to help participants develop personal leadership efficacy by relating evidence-based decision-making skills and knowledge to personal leadership approaches,” said Mandy Sarkissian, ICM Fellows education program manager. “By completing a novel, applied research project, participants learn the importance of sound data collection methods and testing heuristics.”

Since 1970, the Institute for Court Management has delivered training and education to judicial branch personnel in emerging areas of court leadership and management concepts, case management, human resources management, court performance standards and other areas deemed critical to professional development.

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