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With 80% of its workforce now remote, NCSC shutters Denver office

With 80% of its workforce now remote, NCSC shutters Denver office

Denver office closingOct. 5, 2022 — Of all the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, one has had a particularly transformative effect on NCSC: its workforce is now 80% remote, with employees working from Tucson to Boston, from Seattle to Pensacola and pretty much everywhere in between. One obvious consequence is that the Center now needs far less office space than it once did.

As a result, NCSC recently decided to shutter its Denver office, which had served for decades as the home base of its Court Consulting Services division. Even before the pandemic, NCSC had increasingly been moving to a model of a diffuse workforce, with consultants traveling from project to project seldom returning to their office other than once or twice a year.

“NCSC’s consulting work takes our staff to all areas of the country, and our ability to work remotely has allowed us to recruit outstanding employees who live across the United States,” said David Slayton, NCSC’s vice president of Court Consulting Services. “We believe that these changes allow us to be more responsive to the needs of the state courts. While closing our Denver home brings some sentimental sadness, we all recognize the world has changed for how we can best deliver our services—internally and externally.”

Several staff members recently spent a week at the Denver office preparing to close it down once and for all. They cleaned out offices, organized materials to ship out to other NCSC facilities, and threw away ... a lot.

Meanwhile, business continues to be brisk for staff in the Court Consulting division. Absent the physical constraints of an office, staff members have been added to meet strong demand for services from state and local courts across the country.

NCSC continues to operate three brick-and-mortar facilities to help support its staff. Its headquarters building is in Williamsburg, Virginia, adjacent to the campus of the Willian & Mary Law School. The International Division office is in Arlington, Virginia, just outside the nation’s capital, and the NCSC Center House sits on Capitol Hill, in Washington, D.C.

North Dakota Court Administrator Sally Holewa receives 2021 Warren E. Burger Award

2021 Warren E. Burger Award WinnerLongtime North Dakota State Court Administrator Sally Holewa received the 2021 Warren E. Burger Award for Excellence in Court Administration during a virtual presentation from NCSC President Mary C. McQueen before a gathering of judges and court staff last week.

The honor is awarded to individuals who make significant contributions to the field of court administration through management and administration, education and training, or research and consulting. Holewa’s contributions have impacted courts in several states including Michigan and Minnesota. She is a graduate of NCSC’s Institute for Court Management Fellows program and a member of the Conference of State Court Administrators, National Association for Court Management, and American Society for Public Administration.

Pictured above: North Dakota Supreme Court Chief Justice Jon Jensen presents the Burger Award to State Court Administrator Sally Holewa. Photo courtesy of North Dakota Courts.