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Performance Measures
The Civil Justice Initiative Performance Measures provides a description of common metrics and methods for assessing the effectiveness of existing and newly implemented civil justice rules and business practices.

Roadmap Tools

Assessing Areas of Impact in Civil Justice Reform: A Questionnaire for State Courts
This Questionnaire provides a structured self-assessment tool to help court leaders highlight areas within their civil justice system in need of reform as well as potential implementation barriers. 

In the News

The Era of Tort Lawsuits is Waning
The Wall Street Journal published this article analyzing the decline in tort cases due to state restrictions, the increasing costs of litigation, and the campaign by businesses to discourage plaintiffs from filing.

Strong Public Support for Civil Justice Reform
The Public Welfare Foundation, in support of Voice for Civil Justice, released new opinion research showing that an overwhelming majority of voters believe it is important to ensure that everyone has access to the civil justice system.

The Effects of Twombly and Iqbal
In this article from the Journal of Empirical Legal Studies, the author tested the effects of the two most important pleading cases in 50 years, Twombly  and Iqbal, on lower courts and litigants. The most notable effect has been on pro se plaintiffs.

About this project:

The National Center for State Courts Civil Justice Initiative is dedicated to developing a wide range of research and implementation tools to inform civil justice reform efforts. This website serves as a national repository of these and other resources and tools dedicated to improving state civil justice systems.