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CCJ Report

Committee Update

Update on CJI Implemetation Efforts
The Steering Committee for the CJI Implementation Plan met on January 28 to review progress that state and local courts are making on implementation of the CJI recommendations. Specific efforts include planning by the CCJ/COSCA Western Region for a Civil Justice Summit in May 2017, at which state teams will engage in strategic planning for civil justice reform projects. The NCSC and IAALS are making progress on tools to help state and local courts plan for and execute civil justice reform projects. Finally, the Steering Committee approved three applications for demonstration pilot projects: 1) the 
22nd Judicial Court, McHenry County, IL; 2) Maine Judicial Branch; and 3) Magistrate Court of Fulton County, GA. These jurisdictions join the 11th Judicial Circuit of Florida as the four sites selected to implement the Committee's 13 Recommendations.



Yale Law & Policy Review

Recommendations on High Volume Courts
CJI Committee member Hannah Lieberman's article Uncivil Procedure: How State Court Proceedings Perpetuate Inequality is published in the journal's current issue and focuses on high-volume dockets in state courts.



Making Headlines

ABA Passes Resolution Supporting CJI Recommendations

Multiple news outlets reported on the ABA's adoption of Resolution 102, urging all state courts to develop and implement a civil justice improvement plan, as guided by the recommendations in CCJ's Call to Action: Achieving Civil Justice for All.

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