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CCJ Report

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CCMT Guide
A Guide to Building Civil Case Management Teams describes how administrative and skilled court staff can be trained and empowered to undertake case management responsibilities, freeing judicial officers to focus on tasks that require their unique judicial expertise. 

Implementation Roadmap
Transforming our Civil Justice Sytem for the 21st Century: A Roadmap for Implementation outlines preliminary steps courts can take to implement CJI Recommendations.


What's New

SRLN Report
The Remote Appearances of Parties, Attorneys and Witnesses, A Review of Current Court Rules and Practices Report applies to Recommendation 13.4 of the CJI Recommendations, which calls on judges to allow remote appearances by telephone and videoconference.

Interesting Articles

One Percent Procedure
Who is appointed to federal or state civil rules committees and are they writing rules for the most common cases or for the one percent? This Washington Law Review article discusses the federal civil rules committee procedure, but may be applicable to many states' procedural rule-making process.

Unintended Consquences: The Regressive Effects of Increased Access to Courts
A case study of the Ontario Small Claims Court, which increased their jurisdictional limit from $10,000 to $25,000 in 2010. The change had a regressive effect whereby the number of wealthier plaintiffs increased, but the proportion of plaintiffs from poorer neighborhoods dropped significantly.

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The National Center for State Courts Civil Justice Initiative is dedicated to developing a wide range of research and implementation tools to inform civil justice reform efforts. This website serves as a national repository of these and other resources and tools dedicated to improving state civil justice systems.