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Read Justice Brutinel's welcome remarks to the Arizona Civil Justice Summit. "The fundamental idea underlying court reform for the last hundred years...is that judges must be able to effectively and efficiently manage the business of the courts if they want to be independent to make their decisions." 

Upcoming CJI Summits
The Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Regional Civil Justice Summit will take place April 4-6 in Boston, MA. The Southern region will hold its summit in Little Rock, AR, on May 2-4.


What's New

Arizona Civil Justice Summit Resources
Arizona is sharing resources from their Februrary 2018 summit that include videos and powerpoint presentations covering the topics of leadership, tiering, and implementation challenges. Their extensive civil rule changes are deftly summarized in this Nutshell article. Pima County's pilot program, Fast Trial and Alternative Resolution (FASTAR), which hopes to revive the "vanishing trial" by providing a short trial option to plaintiffs, explained in this Administrative Order.


New ACLU Report

A Pound of Flesh: The Criminalization of Private Debt
This ACLU report investigates the relationship between local courts and private debt collectors. The ACLU examined more than 1,000 cases in 26 states in which civil court judges issued arrest warrants for debtors. The report includes case studies and makes recommendations for state courts, legislatures, attorneys, and Congress.


Interesting Case

Gordon v. Rosenblum
The Oregon Supreme Court ruled that lawyers who collect debts are subject to the Oregon consumer protection law UTPA (Unlawful Trade Practices Act). Noteworthy to civil justice reform is the attorney's pattern and practice of "filing thousands of breach of contract actions against credit card debtors and obtaining default judgments for attorneys' fees and interest in a manner that apparently took advantage of the debtors' legal ignorance, lack of resources and general belief that they could not fight the claim."


About this project:

The National Center for State Courts Civil Justice Initiative is dedicated to developing a wide range of research and implementation tools to inform civil justice reform efforts. This website serves as a national repository of these and other resources and tools dedicated to improving state civil justice systems.